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S Vishwanathan – Rotman/Boston Carrol/Purdue/UIUC/Thunderbird/Maryland Smith

6 Applications Led to 6 Interviews Led to 6 Final Admits. Very happy to see our rockstar create an awesome result.
What does Sunil Vishwanathan have to say about us?

Sunil Vishwanathan’s Feedback: “This mail is due a few days but I just wanted to make sure there was nothing in it that would make you edit it and send it back to me. Thanking you would be an understatement. Proving that I got 6 admits out of the 6 colleges I interviewed with and all the colleges that you recommended in itself is a statement proving the influence of Pythagurus in general and you in particular.

My MBA dream started 7 years back and after 3 GMAT attempts it hadn’t gone anywhere. When I contacted you for my essays I had no answer for a very fundamental interview question “Why MBA?”. The general essay I had to write kick started my thinking neurons and slowly I wrote the first batch of essays. Simran was thorough in her review and that changed the tone of the essay completely from being a desperate plea for admission to a statement of my accomplishments.
What started off as an attempt on my part to get a readymade essay from someone turned into a desire to send across the perfect essay that would pass both Simran’s and your review. Each essay was a challenge and some of the ideas provided by Simran and you were the catalyst that I needed.

The fact that you painstakingly reviewed almost 30 essays of mine each of them multiple times made the end difference.
The mock interviews were a revelation. Your help for each college gave the peace of mind that I was prepared. I didn’t tell you this then but when I talked to a current student of a college who was also an alumni of pythagurus she told me to blindly trust you when it comes to the questions and I did and it paid off. The voluminous essays that I had written in part were very helpful during all the interviews.

Now going into MBA College I feel a little scared of how I might cope with the pressure of student life all over again. With the knowledge that impact rather than word-count is of primary importance and to use accomplished, mentored, advised and supervised in my resume I am sure I can get through!

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