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B J Sreekumar – Darden, Emory: 60 Lakhs Scholarships

“Hope you’re doing well! I am really sorry for the late reply. I guess this brings back memories of how I was perhaps one of your biggest challenges as a MBA application counselor J

After deciding that it was time for a career change and an MBA in a top US b-school was the way to go, I decided to apply for the fall of 2012. It was already mid-September 2011and many of the first round deadlines were nearing. After reading about the whole application process I was completely overwhelmed! That was when a friend of mine recommended Pythagurus.

After an initial consultation, he was quick to suggest me schools and guide me through the entire process. I had four years of experiences in a large Tech Company, an impressive GMAT score and a good undergrad school to my name but that was it.

I remember some of the challenges that I faced that I am sure any other techie would too–

– Developing the right stories from my experiences
– Describing my stories focusing on my transferable business and managerial skills
– Communicating my short term and long term goals when I only had a vague idea
– Keeping within the word-limit in the essays while being coherent and effective
– Preparing a one page resume that is relevant for a b-school and afterwards
– Evaluating my chances at different schools and which schools were an ideal fit
– Guiding my recommenders who were recommending a colleague for b-school for the first time
– Staying focused and motivated
Jatin and his team helped me cross all these challenges. He was very structured and his dedication exceeded my expectations manifold. He was pro-active and very quick in replying to any question I had and was already ready to accept calls to clarify any doubt I had. Even when we were running short of time, he would demand perfection. He also pushed me whenever he felt that I was slacking. It was almost as if he wanted me to get an admission as much as I did. Perhaps he did. Another surprising fact was that at no point did I feel like I was only one of the applicants he was helping which clearly shows his level of professionalism.

They have guided enough applicants to understand how difficult the journey is and they supported me whenever my confidence fell. They pretty much become your friends during the entire process.

After numerous edits, hours of calls and over a hundred emails, I got admits at Emory with a 60% scholarship and Darden. It was a dream come true and I’m sure it would have been impossible without their help. Having spent a year at Darden, I can see where Jatin got his structured thinking and his energy. I would definitely recommend Pythagurus to any MBA applicant who wishes to apply to the best b-schools in the world.”

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