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Columbia Business School, New York city

I got a call from my top choice Columbia and I dropped all the remaining schools after this result. It was very critical to have somebody hear you out during all the stages of your applications.

The PythaGURUS team was not satisfied with my performance at every stage and there was always a pressure to improve and make it better. Every part of my application was scrutinized in a very detailed fashion. There was a Columbia essay “In discussing Columbia Business School, Dean R. Glenn Hubbard remarked, “We have established the mind-set that entrepreneurship is about everything you do.” Please discuss a time in your own life when you have identified and captured an opportunity”, and I had clear directions from the PythaGURUS team that this would the most critical part of your my and will play a key role in getting me a seat, and they spent around 10 days to just brainstorm the concepts. After those brainstorming sessions, the essay went for final editing on the 11th day, and I was surprised to see the way the team coordinated. When I got the final version of the essay, I knew that I will certainly make it to a top-school, as I was in safe hands, the people are very well qualified, and detail oriented. We did enormous rounds of mock interviews, I was made to speak with a lot of existing students, and before I could even meet up with an admissions person visiting India, I was trained on how to carry myself during that conversation, how to conduct a school research etc. It was a great experience, and 6 months ago, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that these things were important. I thought I will write a good application( good according to me), and get it edited, but now I know what does it take to get into a top school and how it feels like joining a top tier MBA program. They very well understand what the admissions committee is looking for in your application, and they will customize the applicant’s stories to meet those requirements.

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