MIT Sloan School of Management

May 5th, 2018

Under Graduate Degree: Computer Science Engineering

ADMITTED TO MIT SLOAN: MIT Sloan Came out with the waitlists conversions on April 3rd, and I got an interesting call on April 4th from one of our applicants day before yesterday confirming that he got into MIT Sloan.

This candidate was already heading to ISB and also had paid the initial deposit to them( Partially Refundable). And in the second round of results, MIT Sloan and Chicago Booth had waitlisted this applicant.

There are times when the applicants are even hesitant to apply to any of the top schools and at PythaGURUS, we could work the conversion out, and have an amazing contribution to the life of an applicant at this stage of his career. From the perspective of the school, Wait List essentially meant: We like you and we want you to be a part of the class, but we do not like you enough.

As soon as we got the results, we started working on the waitlist Strategy. While we knew that it was upstream, we also knew that we had nothing to lose. And we really wanted to work towards it.


Initial Assessment of the School’s Decision: I think it was imperative for us to understand what could be the most important reason for this insecurity. And after several rounds of analysis of candidate’s profile and the essays that we had submitted in the previous round, the main point of focus was “Maturity”. We had to project maturity. While we had gathered a good story around his goals, and we had initial apprehensions of whether or not the long term goals could be the ones coming from someone who has not even turned 25 yet. While we had already positioned ourselves strongly in those goals, the only approach was to go full force and take a head on collision in terms of expressing maturity.

ACTION: We showcased that maturity through more recommendations, through alumni recommendations, and making the candidate create a better network of individuals who had graduated from MIT Sloan or from MIT University and not necessarily the business school.

Every time we communicated with the school, we had something new and very relevant to what we wanted to update the school about. It is not just about sending just a random community essay or telling them about what you have already told them, and neither it is about “By the way I forgot to tell you this”. It is imperative of think from the perspective of the admissions committee.

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