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S Sinha: Darden, ISB and Rotman

First of all, I can’t thank you enough! The incredible support and confidence that you have provided during my application process has been integral to this entire experience and played an important role in getting admit from my target schools, more so in such a short turnaround time! In fact, my first advice to the future applicants who are planning to work with you is to start as early as possible.

My MBA application journey started when I applied to ISB and few US schools for Fall 2017 with 710 GMAT and much less preparation in terms of researching the program and understanding my own reasoning for the much dreaded ‘Why MBA’ question. After losing thousands of rupees and getting dinged from ISB interviews two years in a row, I finally accepted that the method I was adopting for application was not working and I needed guidance from someone who would be objective about my improvement areas. And I still remember, within the 5 minutes of our very first conversation you were able to pinpoint the primary reason for getting all those dings.

One of the positive thing that came out of all the rejections was that it gave me clarity in terms of building my profile and focussing on depth rather than breadth of my professional as well as extra-curricular experiences. And with a revised GMAT score of 730, although I felt better equipped than my previous attempts, I was still overwhelmed with the entire application process and that is where Pythagurus methodology helped me the most. The best aspect of working with Jatin was having a structured approach towards the process, in terms of resume building, recommendations, networking with current students/alums, essay drafting and interview preparations. Along with his feedbacks on all these sections of the application, videos on InterviewNinjas are a huge help in understanding the nitty-gritty of the process.

I highly recommend Pythagurus to the future applicants seeking guidance for the MBA applications. Jatin and the team put in a lot of work in bringing out the best aspects of a candidate’s profile and very rightly expect the same diligence and hard work from the applicant. Jatin has a unique way of showing confidence in the applicant while also providing direct and constructive feedbacks. He ensures that the communication is two-way and is not shy of pushing for multiple iterations of essays/resume/recommendations until these represent the best possible version. I am glad that I had Pythagurus to guide me through this overwhelming process and I am sure some of the lessons I learnt through Jatin’s guidance would help me in my future endeavours as well.

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