12 MAY 2019

What can I do in the duration of 9-12 months to improve my profile for a B-School in the US?

1. Get an international assignment( if you think your company can send you to the client’s site).

2. Start taking active leadership positions for the community. It is not about fulfilling a requirement and teaching underprivileged children. If you can create success for people in your city( When I say success, I mean contribute to society in your own ways), it will help you create a very strong story. Do not randomly hang out in a community environment. Rather, have specific measurable outcomes out of this engagement. Showcase fundraising initiatives, forming alliances to conduct community events. It will give you an authentic taste and sense of community engagement.

3. Make a class visit: If you can visit some of the schools you will be applying to, attend lectures, build relationships, and research on the schools, you will give them strong reasons to hire you. Everyone wants to know why they are important to you. Pasting one of the recent blogs for you directly from our website( See the third degree in this blog. You can take a lot of actions to create that expression.

Most Important Expression for a B – School: Why do I love you?

Jatin Bhandari

PythaGURUS Education

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