12 MAY 2019

What kind of work experience matters to get into a top class MBA school in India or abroad?

Let me put it this way J …The goal is not to get into a business school. The goal is to use the MBA in order to do what you want to do post MBA. MBA is not a destination. If it is, you will very soon realize that it won’t be worth the effort and money. It should be the means to an end, and you will define those ends.

Look at it this way

Past + MBA = Short term goals( 5-7 years) + Long Term goals( 7-15 Years)

This is actually not an equation but a business school essay. You need to identify the transferrable skill sets in your existing jobs. In addition to this, you need to identify the handicaps that you have that stop you from accomplishing your Post MBA aspirations.

You have to simply fit your MBA between your past and Future.

I have seen that the learning curve in BPO jobs is not that great as you have bare minimum accountability. Any job that challenges you, builds your leadership style, nurtures a manager in you: GO FOR IT!

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