July 10, 2019

Why class visits to business schools are your choice

I wanted to use this WILDEST analogy to make the applicants understand the concept of MBA Networking. and a TOP MBA program– Look at the analogy- You will understand how an Average guy can create a TOP Business School Story. This isn’t a myth- Think about it- Haven’t you seen an average guy married to the girl of your DREAMS J J

Someone asked me- “If I make a class visit, is it a guaranteed admit?”-   Their question “Jatin, If I spend USD 2,500 on a trip to the US, will I certainly get an admit? “

It is same as telling a GIRL ON –  “I am spending money to come all over to see you in the United States. Is there a Guarantee that  you will marry me?” 

If you look good, there are chances that your story will move forward rather than her losing you in the millions of other profiles- You will not be a nobody anymore (Even though she hasn’t agreed to marry you yet).

If you are horrible and your preparation Stinks- then she will know- “Dude- You shouldn’t have really made this effort- You Stink! “  and before you know- You will be strangers again L 

Imagine – Someone with a GMAT score of 730 and an Average background (IT Indian/Male/Avg GPA/Avg Extra-Curriculars)- keen on applying to Duke University: Fuqua School Of Business (IMP: If your extra curriculars are really REALLY BAD- a DUKE 730 will not be easy considering the theme of their application essays– and knowing that contribution to the school is really important for them). Anyway.

Look at the formula-

  1. If I know that this Average MBA applicant to a top business school, with a GMAT score of 730 is fighting against Above average MBA Applicants to the same school, with GMAT score 760’s – How can I make this average person fight with the other
  2. First thing- IF I know that you can sell better in person that on paper i.e. If meeting you in person is way better than your resume and your application essay, then my first action always is – “I want to prepare you for a rock solid Interview, and pack you in an amazon box and send you to the US- “Go meet them- Visit the class- and finish your interview( A lot of you do not know that – If you visit schools, they give you a free interview- i.e. You do not have to wait to get shortlisted: Why? Because you told them that “ You are so important for me- and I have come all the way- Will you consider marrying me?” – and they will say- “We want to give you a chance”- I am going to use the Dating analogy- If you are interested in someone who loves across the Ocean- Go meet them and tell them they are important for you. There is a great chance that they will appreciate the intentions and the feeling. (They may not say yes to you, but they know you better now than the rest of the crowd.)
  3. When should you make this class visit? : Only when you are very well prepared. Imagine- showing up on school campus without preparation- without knowing what questions to ask- without knowing what is it that you want in your life, and without actively preparing for the various Situatoinal questions. – You are just ruining their day and your day. Class visit without a preparation will work against you.
  4. if you are applying to small schools such as Stanford University, Tuck School of Business, Darden School of Business, Yale School of Management, Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, and many more with less than 500 MBA applicants, class visits and MBA networking are helpful. They are not mandatory, and 80% of our applicants do not do these. However, if you are planning to travel to the United States in the near future, please book slots for class visits via school’s websites, and take appointments.

First of all- Class Visits are recommeded but are not mandatory.

  • Genchi Genbutsu ( Analogy from Toyota Production Systems for “Go and See”). You will be spending a “Fortune” on an MBA program, and it will make a lot of sense to go and visit the business school, and assess how the business school will help you with your current handicaps.
  • MBA Networking Opportunity: An MBA networking opportunity for you as it will give you ample airtime with the admission committee members and other senior members from the leadership team.
  • Informational Interviews: It is your opportunity to conduct informational interviews. Informational interview is your way of identifying the right reasons for joining that business school. While the majority of the MBA applicant pool comes with a mindset that they will register for any top business school on the basis of the favourable outcome, I strongly encourage all the applicants to follow a research-based process. Give your business schools very strong reasons to know you, and evaluate you. It will also allow you to develop reasons for “Why that program is meant for you ?”
  • If you are currently in the country of your target business school or are planning to fly in the near term future, it is a good idea to reach out to the school community right now. If you targeting the round 1 of the coming session, and can afford to take a leave from your office for 15-20 days, it will be a good decision to apply for a VISA now and plan your trip in July/August. It will also allow you to develop very personal reasons for – “Why you are interested in that Program?”

Thank You !

Jatin ( PythaGURUS Admissions Team).

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