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University of Washington- Michael G. Foster School of Business MBA Campus

University of Washington- Michael G. Foster School of Business MBA Campus

Founded in 1917, the University of Washington Foster School of Business is the second oldest B-school in the USA. The Foster School of Business’s location at Seattle gives it a natural advantage in terms of proximity to the industries. Seattle houses the headquarters of many Fortune 500 companies and has one of the largest metropolitan economies in the USA.

As the top business school in Seattle, Foster School of Business regularly attracts top companies to recruit its MBA grads. Besides, the nearby Seattle companies understand and value the University of Washington MBA program and know its students’ capabilities.

As a result, students get an immersive learning experience and vast networking opportunities while partnering with the top companies. Unsurprisingly, 97 % of Foster MBA grads find employment within three months after graduation.

Foster MBA Ranking

US News#22
Financial Times#30

Foster MBA Program Types

The University of Washington MBA offer as many as six different types of MBA formats to cater to a wide range of professionals.

  • Full-Time MBA
  • Evening MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Hybrid MBA: Foster’s online MBA
  • Technology Management MBA
  • Global Executive MBA

We will discuss the full-time MBA program in length as it is mostly preferred by international applicants. The two-year MBA program is one of the best in the US. The Financial Times ranked its research program the best in 2021.

The small class size help students form a talented and closely knit community of future business leaders. The program’s small size enables students to build collaborative relationships and effective teamwork.

Foster MBA Acceptance Rate

While the latest acceptance rates are unavailable, the Foster MBA acceptance rate in 2020 was 40% for its full-time MBA program. Despite being a top-ranked US B-school, the Foster School of Business acceptance rate is encouraging. However, you should also consider its small class size and the fact that the number of applicants has significantly increased across all B-Schools from 2021.

Foster MBA Class Profile

ParticularsClass of 2023
Class Size126
Average Age29
Average Work Experience (in years)6
Average GMAT 704
Average Undergraduate GPA3.42
Percentage of Women40
Percentage of International Students40

Foster MBA Fees (2022-23)

Being a public B-school, the University of Washington MBA fees is set by the Washington State Legislature, which the Board then approves at the University of Washington. The tuition rate for the full-time MBA program will be fixed for two years, irrespective of the increase (if any) in the subsequent years.

ParticularsAmount (in $)
Quarterly Tuition18,358
Quarterly Fees351
Cost of Tuition & Fees per Academic year(18,358+351)x3 = 56,127
Total Program Cost for the Entire Program56,127 x 2 = 1,12,254

Other Expense Estimates Per Year (Based on 2020-21 Estimates)

ParticularsAmount (in $)
Study Materials1,500
Transportation Cost1,728
Personal Expenses3,020
Health 2,500
MBA Association Membership Dues (One-time payment for two years)415
MBA Club Fee  (One-time payment for two years)200

Disclaimer:- All the costs are estimated on the past year’s data. Check the official website for the latest fee updates.

Foster School of Business Scholarships

Investing in a University of Washington MBA program can pay you rich dividends throughout your career. But, many students find it tough to manage the high tuition costs and living expenses. Don’t worry. You can fund your MBA and reduce overall investment costs by applying for various Foster School of Business scholarships and other funding sources.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Applicants don’t have to apply separately for merit-based scholarships. All candidates are automatically considered for Foster MBA Merit scholarships. However, candidates applying during the first two rounds get priority. Your scholarship eligibility will be decided on various factors such as GMAT score, professional work experience, and admission interview. Some of the important merit-based scholarships at the University of Washington Foster School of Business are

  • Forté fellowship 
  • Ernest I.J. Aguilar endowment MBA fellowship
  • Reaching out MBA fellowship

Outside Scholarships

International applicants can apply for outside scholarships such as Fulbright, Muskie fellowships, or other scholarships or grants designed to support students from a particular country or region.

Foster MBA Application Deadline

RoundApplication Deadline (11:59 pm PDT)Receive NotificationEnrollment Deadline
1October 4, 2022December 20, 2022February 23, 2023
2January 3, 2023 (Final Deadline for International Applicants)March 31, 2023May 2, 2023
3March 14, 2023May 19, 2023June 1, 2023

Disclaimer: All the above dates are retrieved from Foster Business School’s official website. However, applicants are advised to keep checking the website for any potential updates.

Foster MBA Requirements

One of the Foster MBA requirements is that you must have a four-year US Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university or its equivalent degree from any other country. Students from all academic courses are equally welcome to apply to the Foster MBA program.

While consistency in your achievements will be noticed, more stress will be given to your performances in the last two years of your study and area of focus.

Foster MBA Admission Process

The Foster MBA application process for its full-time MBA program is similar to that followed in other US B-schools.

1. Online Application Profile

Applicants must create their online application profile on the UW Graduate Admission website.

Select your graduate program as “Business Administration- Foster School of Business- Full-time MBA” after selecting “Graduate” as your application type.

Once your profile is set, you can save the information and come back multiple times until you submit your completed application. You can also check your application status online after submitting your application.

2. Essays

You need to submit two essays that have to be uploaded to your online application. Apart from these mandatory essays, you can submit two additional essays (optional). Foster MBA essays are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your character and thought process to the University of Washington MBA admission committee.

You can explain your career goals, ideas, and the gaps you aim to fulfill through your MBA degree. Optional essays are also important for applicants looking for a ROMBA fellowship or any other such scholarship. You can access all essay topics from Foster’s official website.

Tips to Write Good Foster MBA Essays

(i) Sound Confident, Not Arrogant

You are applying to a Foster MBA program. You can’t claim to be the best without knowing the other talents on campus. Instead, sound confident and come across as a unique person who can enrich the intellectual diversity of the class.

(ii) Proactive

You must be a hands-on type of person who wants to lead, not just follow. Show this aspect through your writings.

(iii) Show Passion

The University of Washington MBA doesn’t want to produce robotic leaders or managers devoid of emotions and empathy. The Foster MBA admission committee wants to know how passionate you are and what excites you. So, write your essays with passion and a subtle hint that you can carry the enthusiasm to your class.

(iv) Real-life Examples

Instead of repeatedly claiming how good you are in certain skills, share some specific anecdotes to support your claim. For instance, give real-life examples of how you solved a work-level crisis or improved productivity through innovation or out-of-box thinking.

3. Resume

List your work experience in reverse chronological order. Ensure to include the following details regarding each of your listed work experiences.

  • Company name
  • A brief description of the company and what it does
  • Your job title
  • Your responsibilities and achievements while on the job

The Foster MBA application process is unique in allowing you to make your resume up to three pages long. List all your work experience since graduating from high school. Also, include your educational background and any community work you undertook.

4. Letters of Recommendation

While two letters of recommendation are required, an applicant can submit up to three. Your recommenders should be people who know you professionally and are well aware of your career graph and achievements. So, your immediate superior or a professional mentor can be a good choice for writing your recommendation letters. Provide your recommenders’ contact details in your online application profile. They will receive an email directing them to the recommendation form. You’re advised to inform them in advance to give them ample time to write a neat recommendation letter for you.

5. Standardized tests

Submit a valid GMAT score. While there is no cut-off requirement, try to score a strong GMAT score that seats well in your resume.

6. English Language Proficiency Test

You can submit a valid TOEFL or IELTS score as proof of English language proficiency. The English language proficiency test has a minimum score requirement as follows.

ExamMinimum Score
TOEFL100iBT/250 CBT/ 600 PBT
IELTS7.0 or higher

7. Academic Transcripts

You need to provide transcripts of all the undergraduate and graduate-level institutions you’ve attended. Just scan your original transcripts and upload them to the online application. Upload all your mark sheets and degrees. If your transcripts are in a non-English language, include official English translations.

8. Video Interview

Don’t confuse it with the admission interview, which is the final stage of the application process. All applicants must submit a video interview after receiving a relevant email within 3-4 days after the Foster MBA deadline. You’ll get 4-6 days to record and submit your video interview.

9. Non-Refundable Application Fee

You must pay the application fee by credit card through the online application system.

10. Admission Interview

If selected, you’ll be invited for the admission interview. The University of Washington MBA admissions staff conducts the interview. You’ll be notified if selected for admission by the decision date.

At Foster School of Business, you’ll not just learn the best business practices but also gain proximity and networking opportunities to a thriving business group that comprises names like Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, etc. You’ll have access to Foster’s dedicated Career Management Office and a wide range of internships and consulting projects.

At the end of your two-year term, you’ll become a new-age business leader well aware of the latest happenings in global businesses and how to use your skills to help businesses.

FAQs related to University of Washington MBA

1. How many intakes does Foster MBA offer in a year?

The Foster full-time MBA program offers only one intake every year during the fall.

2. When will I know if I am called for the Foster MBA interview?

Selected applicants usually receive the interview invitation by email 3-5 weeks after the Foster MBA deadline.

3. Does Foster MBA require work experience?

Foster MBA admissions are competitive, and applicants with relevant work experience may have an advantage. While the University of Washington MBA welcomes applicants with no work experience, having a few years of prior work experience can improve the chances of acceptance into the Full-time MBA Program.

4. How Can I Get into the Foster School of Business Executive MBA program?

Foster Business School welcomes applicants from across the world to apply for their EMBA program. There are 3 Rounds of applications in total and only one intake per year in the autumn. To apply, you need to have a minimum of 7 years of work experience and an undergraduate degree from an accredited US university or equivalent. Also, you should have a minimum GPA score of 3.0 on a 4.0 Scale. International students coming from non-English speaking countries will also have to take English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

5. What is the Foster MBA average GPA requirement & how to report my GPA if it’s not on a US 4.0 scale?

There is no minimum GPA requirement for Foster MBA. However, a GPA of 3 or higher is generally the standard Foster School of Business looks for in a competitive applicant. Use the Scholaro GPA calculator and Scholaro GPA conversion to find out your GPA on the US 4.0 scale.

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