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How to Crack Scheller College of Business?

Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business

Located in the middle of Atlanta’s Tech Square district, Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business is home to 100 startups, 50 startup accelerators, and incubators.

Georgia Tech MBA School believes that any management or business can’t move forward without a firm grounding in technology. Therefore, Scheller College of Business emphasizes its MBA students to undertake tech-focused courses irrespective of the MBA specialization they choose. This hardly comes as a surprise considering that the Scheller MBA is a part of Georgia Tech, the world-renowned technical research university.

According to Cortney Felinski of the class of 2023, the Scheller college campus is buzzing with “critical thinkers and high achievers.” The college’s location, Atlanta, is one of the financial powerhouse cities in the US, and its proximity to multinational companies have influenced it to promote a global approach. MBA students who are enrolling for GA tech business major are required to complete at least one elective with an international focus.

The Georgia tech MBA students routinely get to work with top global companies to solve real-world problems.

Georgia Tech MBA Rankings

SourceRanked in 2022
US News#28

Scheller MBA Class Profile

The class profile is the best tool for applicants to have a good idea of what a typical student of that specific B-school looks like. You can compare your resume and scores with the class profile to know the odds of getting your application selected at Scheller College of Business MBA. Here is the class profile for the full-time MBA program.

ParticularsFull-Time MBA Class of 2023
Class Size79
Average Student Age29
Percentage of Women39
Percentage of International Students19
Average Work Experience5.5
Average GPA (Undergraduate)3.4
Average GMAT Score682

Types of Scheller MBA Program

Scheller College of Business conducts 3 types of MBA programs: Full-time, executive, and evening MBA.

Full-Time MBA

The 22-month duration program has an extensive curriculum. The students get ample opportunities to learn management subjects like finance, entrepreneurship, business analytics, strategy, sustainability, operations, etc. The stress is given to gaining analytical skills and solving complex problems.

The Princeton Review, 2022 has placed the Full-time Scheller MBA at #2 in the best MBA classroom experiences list.

Executive MBA

The 17-month-long program is also known as weekend MBA as classes are held on Friday evenings and Saturdays. The program allows working professionals to pursue their MBA without disturbing their work-life balance.

The program is suitable for mid-level executives or supervisors who want bigger professional challenges in or outside their existing firm. An executive MBA candidate typically has ten to fifteen years of professional work experience.

Evening MBA

The part-time evening MBA program is suitable for working professionals who require more flexibility. Students can attend classes in the evening after work. Students can also choose to learn at their own pace and complete the program in two to three years.

The course is ranked 16 in the 2023 list of best part-time MBA by US News.

Scheller MBA Application Deadline

While there is a minimum of four rounds of admission for the various Georgia Tech MBA programs, the business school encourages international applicants to apply by Round 2. Following are the Scheller MBA deadlines for their full-time MBA program to help pace up your preparations.

RoundApplication DeadlineInterviewsAdmission DecisionFee Deposit Deadline
1October 12, 2022November 3& November 4, 2022November 18, 2022January 6, 2023
2January 5, 2023February 24 & February 27, 2023March 3, 2023April 17, 2023
3March 9, 2023April 14 & April 17, 2023April 21, 2023May 15, 2023
4May 4, 2023May 19, 2023May 26, 2023June 15, 2023

Disclaimer: The dates have been retrieved from the official website of the b-school. Applicants are advised to check the school’s website before applying as they may be subject to last-minute changes.

Steps to Get Into Scheller College of Business MBA?

The Scheller College of Business MBA admission process mainly comprises two parts- a complete program application followed by an admission interview. The business school is very selective in its admission. So, you have to be at your best at every stage of the application process. You can apply online. Check out the Georgia Tech MBA requirements below:

GMAT Score

A good GMAT score of 680+ can make a good impression on the admission council. Even if there are relaxations regarding the GMAT score, you should always try to secure an excellent score to help highlight your application.


Through your essays, the admission council tries to ascertain your mindset and readiness to go through the MBA education. The council is also interested in how applicants plan to use the MBA education to further their career goals.

Therefore, take enough time to prepare the essays as per the topic given. Remember, they don’t want you to be special or exotic. So, be honest.


Highlight your professional work and achievements. If you have undertaken some community work or leadership program during your undergrad years, mention them here.


These are the details of marks or grades you obtained in your undergraduate and other degree courses. Keep all the transcripts from your previous college in order.

Letters of Recommendation

The college requires you to submit 2 letters of recommendation along with your application. So, choose your recommenders carefully. The recommender should be a person who is well aware of your professional exploits and achievements. You can consider your immediate boss or professional mentor for this purpose.

Admission Interview

This is the last stage where the admission council will invite you for an admission interview. Treat this like a job interview and appear for the interview in business attire. Face the interview with confidence. Try to come across as a warm person with good leadership skills and future potential.

The steps mentioned above are primarily for getting into the full-time MBA program at Scheller College of business.

Scheller MBA Course Fees

The Scheller College of Business MBA fees is among the lowest in the top 20 MBA programs in the USA. Following is the list of approximate Georgia Tech MBA fees for various programs. The actual cost may vary as per the current session.

ProgramApproximate Course Fees (in $)
Full-time MBA42,258 (per year)
Executive MBA82,500 (entire course)
Evening MBA65,646 (full course, if completed in two Years)

Career After a Scheller MBA

Scheller College of Business MBA has a reputation for providing top-class career service to its students. The Business school’s Jones MBA Career Center has consistently ranked among the top MBA career service offices in the world. The center helps students prepare for interviews, identify job targets, and develop a career strategy. Moreover, incoming students are assigned a career advisor at the beginning of their first year.

Besides, the proximity to 16 Fortune 500 companies helps students develop connections that can help them in finding the desired job as soon as they get their MBA degree. 97 percent of the 2021 Scheller MBA grads got employed within three months after graduation.

The majority of 2021 Georgia Tech MBA grads went to consulting (37 %) and technology (20.3 %). However, other sectors like financial services, logistics, retail, consumer products, manufacturing, etc., also found enough takers.

Life at Scheller

Apart from the valuable MBA education, Scheller College of Business allows you to have a vibrant campus life with wide international diversity. You also get to experience the city life of Atlanta and the famed southern hospitality. At the end of your Georgia Tech MBA program, you’ll come out a person with a broad vista of life, people, and, of course, a promising career.

FAQs related to Georgia tech MBA

1. Can I get into the Scheller College of Business with an undergraduate degree from India?

Many Indian undergraduate degrees are recognized in the USA. Therefore, you can get into the Scheller MBA program after pursuing your undergrads in India. However, contact the admission office for further details.

2. Does Scheller offer scholarships?

While the Georgia Tech business school offers many scholarships and grants, there might be negligible options when it comes to Georgia Tech scholarships for international students. However, international students can fund their MBA through private lending or graduate assistantships.

3. Is it hard to get into a Scheller MBA program?

Scheller College of Business is among the top business schools in the USA. So, you can’t expect the admission process to be easy. However, you can crack the admission with proper planning and determination. Once you clear the GMAT, consider taking expert guidance to smoothen your application.

4. I want to switch careers. Can a Scheller MBA help?

Of course. An MBA degree from a reputed B-School like Scheller College of Business can always help you in making a career transition, especially if you want to get into consulting or technology. About 50%+ of the MBA students have been getting employed in the consulting and technology sector post-graduation since 2015.

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