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How to Get Into Vanderbilt Owen's MBA Program?

Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management MBA Campus

Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management is one of the eminent institutions in management education, situated in Nashville, the capital city of the US State of Tennessee. Shortly referred to as the Owen School or Vanderbilt Business School, the B-school is accredited by AACSB.

The B-school is highly industry-oriented and gives options to choose from numerous electives. Its emphasis on maintaining the quality of its business education reflects in the Owen MBA employment report of its MBA grads. 97% of 2021 Owen MBA grads found employment within three months of passing out from the school.

Vanderbilt University Ranking

According to US News, Vanderbilt University’s ranking among 2022 National Universities (USA) is 14. With such a strong parent university, it’s natural that the Vanderbilt University ranking also features in the top 30 best B-schools list.

Bloomberg Businessweek#24
US News#25

Vanderbilt MBA Program Types

Owen Graduate School of Management believes in keeping its focus limited to a few Vanderbilt MBA programs and excelling in them. So, unlike many B-schools that offer a range of business programs, Vanderbilt offers just two types of MBA programs.

(i) Full-time MBA

The traditional two-year MBA program is designed for individuals starting out in their management career, preferably with 3-5 years of work experience. The emphasis is on creating a strong foundation through core business classes in the first year.

The program enables students to customize their course curriculum through various concentrations and specializations in the second year.

(ii) Executive MBA

The program is suitable for working professionals who want to pursue a quality MBA without leaving their jobs. These are experienced professionals with significant work experience wishing to take the next giant leap in their respective careers.

The EMBA program is designed to deliver MBA learning without affecting the work-life balance of individuals. Classes are held on weekends. Students share a common curriculum during the first year, receiving a strong foundation in leadership and strategy. The curriculum differs in the second year depending on the tracks students choose, Global Immersion or Executive Edge.

Vanderbilt MBA Deadlines

Following are the Vanderbilt MBA deadlines for the ongoing Fall 2023 admission.

RoundApplication DeadlineDecision Release DateDeposit Deadline
1October 11, 2022December 16, 2022January 19, 2023
2January 9, 2022March 24, 2023April 18, 2023
3  (Final deadline for international applicants)Mar 31, 2023May 5, 2023May 19, 2023
4May 10, 2023Rolling Admission

Disclaimer:- All the dates are retrieved from Vanderbilt’s official website. However, you’re advised to check the site periodically for possible updates.

Vanderbilt MBA Application Tip

Apply by the Round 2 application deadline if you want to be considered for the Dean’s Scholars Program.

Vanderbilt MBA Acceptance Rate

The latest overall Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate is 6.7 % which suggests a highly competitive application pool. While Owen Graduate School of Management doesn’t release its acceptance rate, Fortune Education last reported the Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate in 2020, which was 46% for the full-time program.

Vanderbilt MBA Class Profile

A B-school’s class profile helps you understand what your profile should look like to secure admission into that B-school. Besides, you would also better understand what the Vanderbilt University admission committee will look for in prospective students. Following is the Vanderbilt MBA class profile for 2023.

ParticularsMBA Class of 2023
Class Size182
Age Range23-40
Average GMAT Score690
Average TOEFL Score106
Women’s Representation37%
International Students25%
Average Years of Work Experience5.7

Vanderbilt University MBA Fees

While a US MBA comes at a price, the return on investments in the form of career growth trajectory and higher salary can far outweigh the initial cost of pursuing the program. So, begin by estimating how much the Vanderbilt University MBA fees would cost you annually.

Fees and Expenses TypeAmount (in $)
Health Insurance3,491
Miscellaneous Expenses (Books, maintenance, etc.)3.170
Rent and Utilities (9 months)12,906
Personal Expenses (9 months)2,997
Total Annual Cost96,152

Disclaimer:- The above data is based on the 2022-23 expenses mentioned on Vanderbilt’s website. Actual costs may vary. Check the website for the latest updates on fees and other costs. The cost of the MBA program can be too expensive for many applicants. However, financial aid is available for deserving students. For instance, you can consider higher education loans to fund your MBA education. You can also aim for various scholarships discussed in the next section.

Vanderbilt MBA Scholarships

Vanderbilt MBA students can benefit from a wide range of scholarships to reduce the cost of an MBA. The scholarship amounts can range from $5,000 per academic year to a full tuition waiver.

You’ll be automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship along with all the other applicants at the time of admission. The committee would evaluate your eligibility for a scholarship based on-

  • Your academic achievements
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Leadership potential
  • Outstanding professional accomplishments
  • Future potential for excellence in a management career

In addition to the merit-based scholarships, there are many other fellowships, grants, and special scholarships. These typically require additional application material. Some important Vanderbilt MBA Scholarships, awards, and fellowships are as follows-

(i) Doner Funded Endowed Scholarships

These are a group of merit-based endowment scholarships set up by Owen’s alumni and friends committed to the B-school’s success. Some prominent scholarships in this group are

ScholarshipOpen to
Amy and John Underwood Family ScholarshipAll students of Owens Graduate School of Management. Preference is given to students focussing on finance.
Amy Jorgensen ScholarshipAll female MBA students of Owens.
Billings Family ScholarshipAll Vanderbilt MBA students
Anderson Family Scholarship
Carin and Todd Barth Scholarship

(ii) Dean’s Scholars Program

The winner of this signature scholarship of the Owen graduate school of management receives a full-tuition scholarship with an additional annual stipend of $15,000. Apart from meeting the usual criteria for merit-based scholarships mentioned before, applicants need to complete an additional essay.

(iii) OneOwen Inclusion Award

The award is given to the incoming students who exhibit Owen’s values and guiding principles: Transparency, Accountability, Trust, Inclusiveness, Innovation, and Collaborative Community.

Vanderbilt MBA Requirements

Owen Graduate School of Management welcomes students from all academic backgrounds. The only eligibility required is a US bachelor’s degree course of four years or its international equivalent.

Vanderbilt MBA Application Process

The Vanderbilt MBA application process is similar to that of other US B-schools. The process involves submitting an online application. Apart from providing your basic information such as demographics, contact information, areas of interest, etc., you would require to complete the following Vanderbilt MBA application components.

1. Standard Test Score

You’ll have to submit a valid Gmat score for admission to the MBA program. In the case of multiple GMAT scores, the Vanderbilt University admission committee will only consider the highest score. While a GMAT waiver is available in some cases, GMAT tests are always recommended regardless of waiver eligibility.

A strong GMAT score can help your Vanderbilt MBA application stand out among other applications and help you gain the necessary edge. Besides, some employers, especially from the consultancy or finance industry, may ask for the candidate’s GMAT score as part of their recruitment process.

2. English Language Proficiency

Vanderbilt MBA requires International applicants from non-English speaking backgrounds to submit a valid TOEFL/IELTS score as proof of English language proficiency. However, international applicants can be waived from submitting TOEFL/IELTS test scores if they meet any of the following conditions-

  • The applicant earned the Bachelor’s degree in a country where English is an official language.
  • The applicant has been residing and working for the past two years or more in a country where the official language is English.
  • The applicant has scored in the 90th percentile or higher in the GMAT’s verbal component.

3. Transcripts

Upload a scanned copy of all your mark sheets and the Bachelor’s degree along with any other transcript of every college or university you ever attended at the time of application submission. If the cumulative GPA is not mentioned on your transcript, upload the supporting document (backside of mark sheet, university GPA rules, etc.) to calculate your GPA.

International applicants who earned their undergrads outside the USA should leave the GPA field blank.

4. Letter of Recommendation

You need to submit one letter of recommendation with your application form. Vanderbilt Business prefers your immediate supervisor or professional mentor to be your recommender.

5. Resume

Submit a concise one-page resume highlighting your educational background, work experiences, and professional accomplishments. If you want to add some details regarding your work history, use the detailed work history section in the Vanderbilt MBA application form.

6. Video Response

The video response is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your originality and authenticity. You’ll get ample time to respond to the questions and step-by-step instructions to record your answers.

7. Short Essays

You’re required to submit two 150-word short essays. Topics are provided on the website of the Owen Graduate School of Management. These short written statements help the admission committee get insights into your goals and personality. Additionally, you may or may not choose to answer an optional explanatory statement to highlight certain aspects that you think haven’t been addressed yet in the application form.

8. Evaluative Interview

After thoroughly evaluating each application, the Vanderbilt University admission committee selects candidates for the interview.

Interviews are usually conducted by the admission committee members and can be 30 minutes long. This would be your biggest and final opportunity to express yourself before the admission committee. Share stories, the lessons you learned, and your evolutionary journey until now.

Selected candidates are informed about their admission by the decision date of each application round.

Vanderbilt University is often called the “Southern Ivy” or the “Harvard of the South”. Its MBA program does full justice to this reputation. Besides, when you’re pursuing an MBA from a world-class business school in Nashville, one of the most happening cities in the USA, you are bound to get the additional energy and exposure that can expand your vista and business wisdom.

FAQs related to Vanderbilt University MBA

1. How many intakes are offered in the Vanderbilt MBA program?

The Vanderbilt MBA program only accepts one fall entrance in an academic year for its MBA program.

2. Can International students work as a student?

According to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration, international students can’t work off campus during the first nine months of their program. After that, they would need the authorization to work off campus for summer internships or other jobs during the academic year.

3. Does the Vanderbilt MBA program accept 3-year Bachelor’s degrees from India?

The Vanderbilt MBA program accepts 3-year Bachelor’s degrees like BA, B Com, or BSc from Indian universities. However, such degrees should be accompanied by a WES evaluation certifying them equivalent to a 4-year US bachelor’s degree.

4. Do Indian applicants need to appear for TOEFL/IELTS?

Owen Graduate School of Management considers English an official language of India. So, Indian applicants can waive off the English language proficiency test.

5. My recommender is inclined to write me a good recommendation letter, but the person doesn’t know English. What should I do?

Vanderbilt Business accepts recommendation letters written in other languages. In such a case, have the letter translated by a professional translator. Ask the recommender to combine the original letter, the translated letter, and a certificate of translation in one document and upload it into the online recommendation system.

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