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How to Get Into Questrom School of Business? A Guide for MBA Applicants

Questrom School of Business Boston University MBA Campus

Boston University, or BU, is one of the prestigious research universities in the USA. Its business school, the Questrom School of Business, is also a top MBA school engaged in quality business education since 1919. One of the oldest and most reputed B-schools in the USA, Questrom School of Business is well known for its forward-looking approach.

Rafik B. Hariri Building at 595, Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, houses the Questrom School of Business. The state-of-the-art building with numerous classrooms, lecture halls, and computer labs is well suited for imparting immersive business education to the students.

Questrom administers many of BU’s top research institutes like The Susilo Institute for Ethics in the Global Economy, The Institute for Sustainable Energy, and Innovate@BU (BU’s hub of entrepreneurship and innovation).

The Boston University MBA program is constantly upgraded to stay relevant in the ever-changing business world. The B-school believes in driving innovations that matter and encourages research that can revolutionize management practices.

Boston University MBA Ranking

The US News has ranked Questrom school of business at 47 in its list of Best Business Schools in 2023. Moreover, Boston University MBA ranking for its part-time MBA program is at #43. The B-school has secured an impressive #4 rank in the list of best business schools for project management.

Additionally, Questrom, Boston business school, is ranked #38 in Bloomberg’s Best B-schools 2022-23.

Questrom MBA Program Types

The Boston University MBA programs can be of three types.

Full-Time MBA

The rigorous two-year full-time MBA curriculum is designed to develop a team-based, hands-on approach. MBA students are encouraged to follow their passion and add depth to their expertise. The Boston MBA program can provide you with the right environment to be a part of a large community and build the network to help you further your career.

The Questrom MBA program offers more than 100 elective subjects to choose from. This can enable you to focus on specific areas like social impact, the health sector, etc. Moreover, the Boston University MBA program also provides you with a unique opportunity to earn a dual degree. Under this system, you can earn two degrees at one time. For instance, you can pursue an MBA + MS (Master of Science) in Digital Technology to enhance the scope of your MBA program.

Professional Evening MBA (Part-Time)

The part-time course is designed for working professionals who can’t leave their job to pursue their MBA. The classes are held in the evening or during the weekends.

Online MBA

The online MBA program at Questrom School of Business allows students to pursue a Boston Questrom MBA from the comforts of their homes. The course is best suited for those who can’t attend in-person classes.

We’ll mainly discuss the full-time MBA program at Boston Questrom MBA, as it is the most sought-after course among international students.

Boston University MBA Class Profile

Comparing the class profile of a b-school with your own profile is an excellent way to know the strength of your Boston University MBA application. It gives you a fair idea of the competition involved in getting into that B-school.

Following is the Questrom School of Business class profile for its full-time MBA class of 2023.

ParticularsFull-Time MBA Class Profile 
Class Size162
Mean GMAT 675
Mean Undergraduate GPA3.4
Mean Work Experience (in Years)5
Mean Age (in Years)28
Percentage of Female Students52
Percentage of International Students44

Boston University MBA Acceptance Rate

Boston University MBA received 1,320 applications for its full-time MBA program in the September 2021 admission cycle. A total of 162 students enrolled in the program. Therefore, the Questrom, Boston University MBA acceptance rate is around 12.27%. This indicates a selective admission process where one in nine applicants makes it to the Boston MBA program.

However, the acceptance rate should not be the only criterion to determine your chances of getting admission to the BU MBA program. Therefore, consider the acceptance rate along with the class profile.

Boston University Deadlines for Application to MBA Program

An applicant is allowed to submit one application per entry term. Following are the important Boston University deadlines for Fall 2023.

Application DeadlineDecision DateDeposit Deadline
October 19, 2022December 19, 2022February 6, 2023
January 5, 2023February 24, 2023April 5, 2023
March 15, 2023May 5, 2023May 24, 2023

Disclaimer: The above dates are verified from Questrom’s official website. However, applicants should regularly check the site for any possible changes in dates.

Boston University MBA Fees

Knowing the Boston University fees for its Questrom MBA program is crucial to plan your budget accordingly. Following is the cost of attendance for the full-time MBA program at BU MBA for the academic year 2022-23.

Particulars Amount (in $)
Tuition Fees61,050
University Fees1,074
Books and Supplies1,574
Room and Board15,000
Total Cost (Annual)83,128
Student Health Insurance for two years3,235

Disclaimer: The above fee structure provides a fair idea of the cost involved. Actual costs may vary. The total cost for the academic year 2023-24 is expected to be updated on Questrom’s official site in late March 2023. 

BU MBA Scholarships and Financial Aids

A Boston Questrom MBA can provide a great return on investment in terms of better career opportunities, salaries, and job prospects. But, The cost of an MBA from Questrom School of Business can be quite high for many applicants. The Boston University MBA fees in INR for international students can be more than ₹ 70,00,000 for a year based on the prevailing currency conversion rates.

However, students can avail of various scholarships and financial aid to reduce the overall cost of their Boston MBA.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Questrom School of Business offers various merit-based scholarships to qualified full-time MBA students. Almost 84% of students received scholarships for the Boston MBA fall 2021 class. The admission committee considers all the admitted students for scholarships. Scholarships are approved based on the student’s application profile, the GMAT score, the quality of work experience, etc.

Dean’s Scholarship

Dean’s scholarships are provided to full-time Boston University MBA students with outstanding academic achievements, professional accomplishments, and personal qualities.

Social Impact Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to students of the Social Impact MBA program. The scholarships are awarded to students who are willing to use their business management skills to address social and humanitarian issues.

Both the above scholarships can range from $10,000 to full tuition for a year. Additionally, students can avail of numerous private scholarships whose links are provided on Questrom’s official website.


International candidates can avail of loan facilities with a US citizen or Permanent resident as a co-applicant. While the b-school has a list of recommended loans and lenders, applicants are free to explore various other loan options. However, it is recommended that you should explore the loan options only after fully exploring all the scholarship options.

Questrom MBA Admission Requirement

Applicants to the Questrom full-time MBA program should have a four-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited US college or an equivalent degree. There are no other prerequisites. Additionally, you should possess good quantitative skills, analytical ability, leadership quality, and excellent verbal communication skills.

Questrom MBA Admissions Event

Although not compulsory, attending a Questrom Admissions event is recommended to know the b-school better. The event is an excellent opportunity to discover the Questrom School of Business and understand what a Questrom life can look like. In addition, you may have informal sessions with admission members, faculty members, and other important persons of the b-schools.

Applicants unable to physically visit the campus can attend online information sessions to clear any doubts they might have about the program or the B-school.

Boston University MBA Application Process

Admission to the Questrom MBA program is increasingly becoming more competitive than ever due to the growing popularity of the Questrom School of Business. However, you can always stand a chance if you’re well prepared and take ample time to fill out the application carefully.

Remember, the Graduate Admissions Committee will review your application based on different parameters. So, you need to present a balanced application instead of stressing too much about one aspect while ignoring the other application components.

Like many US B-Schools, Questrom uses the online application form. You’ll need to create an account in Questrom’s admission portal and use this account to fill up the application form. You can also check your application status on this portal. Application Components

1. Resume

Include all your academic and professional achievements in your resume. In addition, you can highlight recognitions and awards you received for your work. For example, ” Got the Employee of the year award for….”, ” Brought the south pacific region on the company’s revenue map”, etc.

Try to limit your resume to one page by keeping it to the point.

2. Academic Transcripts

Submit transcripts of all the degrees, diplomas, or any other courses you completed till the time of filling up the form. The transcripts should contain details regarding the coursework you undertook and your grades.

3. Letter of Recommendation

You need to submit one recommendation letter along with your BU MBA application. While you can send the recommendation letter through email, online mode is preferred.

Submit your recommender’s name and email id in the “Recommendations” section of your online application. Your recommender will receive an automated mail with an online recommendation form that they can use to submit the recommendation.

Your recommender can be your current supervisor or immediate boss, who knows your professional accomplishments and career milestones well.

4. Essays

The admission committee wants to know you at a deeper level to determine your suitability for the Boston University MBA program. For this purpose, the committee needs you to submit either three short video essays or one written essay. Choose the essay format you are most comfortable with to express yourself.

Video Essays

You’ll need a computer, a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone to complete the process. The online application form has a personalized link to the Kira Talent website, Questrom’s partner for the video essay process. Register yourself on this website and start submitting your video essays. Dress in business casual attire that compliments your personality and screen presence.

You’ll first receive a question for which you’ll get 30 seconds to prepare and further 60 seconds to record your response. The process will be repeated for two more random short-answer questions.

Remember, you’re allowed only one opportunity to submit your answers. Therefore, it is advised that you first get some practice with Kira Talent’s example question before beginning the formal process.

Written Essay

If you can better express your thoughts in writing, submit the written essay. The Boston MBA application process requires you to submit one essay of not more than 750 words. Explain your long-term and short-term goals in your career. Provide specific reasons behind choosing Questrom School of Business to pursue your MBA and what you intend to achieve during your stay at Questrom School of Business.

Optional Essay

You might want to provide additional information to the admission committee, which is not covered in the Boston University MBA application process. This may include gaps in work experiences, concerns about academic performance, etc. You can address these topics in your optional essay of no more than 250 words.

5. GMAT Score

Submit a valid GMAT score. You can request a GMAT waiver if you meet the waiver eligibility criteria listed on Questrom’s official site.

6. English Language Proficiency Test

International students from non-English speaking backgrounds must submit a valid TOEFL or IELTS score as proof of English language proficiency. However, the requirement of TOEFL/IELTS scores can be waived off if-

  • The candidate has completed at least two years of a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree at an institute where English is the sole language for instruction.
  • The applicant has worked full-time in the USA post- bachelor’s degree for at least two years. 

7. Application Fees

Pay the requisite application fee to complete your application. You can only pay the fee through a credit or debit card. No other payment mode is allowed.

8. Admission Interview

The interview is the last stage of the BU MBA admission process. The admission committee will review your submitted application. If selected, you’ll be invited for an interview conducted by a member of the admission committee. You can appear for the interview virtually.

5 Skills Questrom MBA Admission Committee Looks For in Applicants

1. Communication Skills

Communication often plays a fundamental role in a person’s career. Most top business leaders in the corporate world are excellent communicators. Besides, how students communicate their thoughts can reveal a lot about their personalities. Good communication is also essential to maintaining good and healthy relationships among team members.

2. Aptitude

The admission committee likes to see a creative approach and problem-solving mindset in a Questrom MBA applicant. Students may come from diverse fields and cultural backgrounds with impressive resumes. But, the intellectual aptitude demonstrated in the essay or the admission interview can often set your application apart.

3. Leadership Skills

Businesses today are becoming more diverse and competitive each day. As a result, there is a constant demand for visionary leaders. The admission committee judges every application with the hope of finding a great future leader. From motivating employees and understanding the market to managing the bottom line and identifying future growth areas, an exemplary leader must know how to multitask.

Most importantly, a leader should be passionate about the company and always ready to face new challenges.

4. Teamwork

We live in an era of collaborations where it can be hard to fly solo. The admission committee wants a seamless open flow of interaction among student teams. Moreover, teamwork is also essential in your workplace. The Boston Questrom MBA curriculum has numerous community-building and teamwork exercises.

Moreover, good teamwork can significantly increase efficiency in achieving a task or a common goal. It is also the base for brainstorming new ideas and inspirations. A project can have a better chance of succeeding if all the team members involved can work as a common unit.

5. Work Experience

Candidates can often misunderstand work experience as the number of years. However, BU MBA admission committee members are more interested in the quality of your work experience. First, they want to see the work and projects you did in the previous company. Next, they might want to know your roles and responsibilities during your stay there, especially supervisory or management roles. Finally, the committee may like a clear and steady career progression you had until now.

You should take the work experience seriously and put it in a way that may highlight all the aspects mentioned above.

Career After Boston Questrom MBA

Questrom School of Business actively helps its students in their career growth. The business school offers customized tools, resources, and strategic suggestions to its students at each step. As a result, Questrom has maintained an excellent employment record over the years.

Career Coaching

Each student is assigned a career coach who is a part of a larger team comprising faculty members, relationship managers, and career consultants. The career coach helps you during your job search process. You can receive guidance regarding drafting your resume and curating your LinkedIn profile to reflect your objectives. The coach can also help you through the interview and the salary negotiation process.

Industry Opportunities

The industry team can help you identify different career opportunities based on your interests and professional background.

Feld Center for Industry Alliances

Feld center actively works toward building the Questrom brand among reputed companies. The center regularly organizes on-campus programs like recruiting events, corporate treks, in-class presentations, and many more. It is an excellent platform for BU MBA students to mingle with industry experts and create networking opportunities.

Employment Report 2021-22

According to Questrom’s full-time MBA employment report for the class of 2021, 94% of BU MBA students secured job offers within three months of graduation. Following is the function-wise breakup of the jobs accepted by Questrom MBA students.

FunctionPercentage of Accepted Job OffersMean Salary (in $)Signing Bonus (in $)
General Management19%110,00021,000
Sales and Marketing16%101,07319,667
Logistics/ Operations7%116,00028,000
Information Technology6%136,75015,000
Human Resource3%93,00017,500

Top Employers for Questrom MBA Pass Outs

Many globally reputed companies value the Questrom MBA program. More than 60 top companies routinely hire Questrom pass-outs, including big names like Amazon, Abbott Laboratories, Cognizant, Dell Laboratories, Deloitte, Microsoft, and many more.

Questrom School of Business is rapidly making progress in all fields of business education. As many as 11 Questrom researchers are widely acclaimed in the scientific community. Besides, reputed B-school watchers like Businessweek are routinely moving Questrom up in their ranking.

If you’re looking to enroll in a full-time MBA program in the USA, you may like to keep the Boston University MBA program on your shortlist.

FAQs related to Questrom School of Business MBA

1. What is the minimum work experience required for the Boston University MBA program?

Questrom School of Business doesn’t have a minimum work experience requirement for its full-time MBA program. However, Questrom recommends at least two years of work experience. Refer to the class profile to know the mean work experience of an MBA class.

2. What is the minimum GMAT score required to get into the Questrom BU MBA program?

There is no minimum GMAT score requirement. However, aim for a strong Boston University MBA GMAT score as it strengthens your application. Moreover, the admission committee can consider your GMAT score to decide the scholarship amount to be approved.

3. I have earned a three-year bachelor’s degree from India. Am I eligible for the Boston MBA program?

Applicants with a three-year bachelor’s degree from India are qualified to apply for the Boston MBA program. Applicants may further contact to quell any doubts or uncertainties in this regard.

4. Can I talk to a current Questrom MBA student to learn more about Questrom?

The Boston business school has MBA admissions ambassadors, a group of current Questrom MBA students. Their brief profile and email id are available on Questrom’s website. You can directly reach out to these students to learn more about life at Questrom and what to expect during your stay here.

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