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How Nikita cracked UCLA, Kenan Flagler, and Tepper with scholarships?

This one is for all applicants who have a business they wish to come back to post-MBA. If you’re a business owner, or next-in-line to run one, convincing business schools of the need for an MBA gets difficult.

Nikita was next in line to run her family business as well. She was facing the same issues that most of you will be facing when you begin your MBA application process.

But we are so proud that she cracked three of US’ top business schools!

Nikita received admits to UCLA, Kenan Flagler, and even received a $ 40,000 scholarship from Tepper!

Nikita’s goals story

Nikita did not want to make any major career switches. She had five and a half years of work experience and was currently in a leading role as a product manager. Her initial short-term goals were to take over the same role in her own firm.

When she wrote the same in her first draft, we reached back to tell her that it was very myopic. She had a great story lying right in her resume and had chosen a very simplified version of it. Nikita had worked across various functions and had a lot of exposure to the business as a whole.

But along the lines, she had faced a lot of handicaps that wouldn’t let her run her firm in the most efficient and structured way possible. When we pointed out this part of her story out, she immediately realized that she had missed an important chunk of what made her profile unique and started re-evaluating her goals.

Nikita’s MBA application Essay

The biggest problem arises when applicants don’t utilize interesting stories from their past in their essays. While Nikita’s essays were quite generic at times, we weren’t too worried about that as we knew some feedback and guidance would solve that issue.

However, the fact that she wasn’t able to pull amazing stories from her past was quite a bit of an issue. So, we pointed it out, and she began listing important ones in the next iterations of her essays.

The MBA application process can be much more anxiety-inducing than applicants realize. They come in knowing it’ll be hard work but are clueless about the strategy that goes behind assembling an exceptional application.

Nikita had the same issues in the beginning, but over time learned to manage her time well, and not get bothered by the questions that the schools were posing as she was prepared for them.

In the end, she ended up cracking top US business schools UCLA, Kenan Flagler, and even received a $ 40,000 scholarship from Tepper!

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