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Manish Journey to a US Top 10 Program with PythaGURUS

Manish came to us when he wanted to start his GMAT prep. He was clear that he wanted to complete both, his GMAT prep, and MBA applications, with a single institute.

He was a success story to us in both the aspects, his GMAT result, and his MBA admits.

After a long and rigorous process of GMAT and MBA applications, Manish cracked a top 10 US business school, Ross!

We couldn’t have been prouder of this applicant!

Without further ado, here is Manish’s perspective of the process.

The beginning of my MBA application journey: GMAT classes

While searching for GMAT coaching institute, I wanted to work with someone who understands the entire MBA application process. After a small chat with Jatin, I immediately decided to join PythaGURUS GMAT preparation classes. I really appreciate the way he conducted all his classes and most importantly Pythgaurus team was available to discuss every mock GMAT exam results and doubts.

Jatin also kept pushing the class to set up targets and to be regular with preparation. It was important for me since there were moments when I was lost due to my office work. He used to bring me back on track. All the efforts from Jatin and PythaGURUS team helped me get a 750 on GMAT.

The second part: the MBA applications

For MBA application process, Jatin and his team worked closely with me on three important fronts. First during MBA school research, Jatin’s experience was really handy to understand and shortlist MBA schools. He even gave few examples to understand how and what to research in MBA schools.

The essay analysis and interview prep

Second, while writing essays, PythaGURUS team kept pointing out gaps in my essays and overall profile. Their guidance was critical to introspect, research and finally narrow down on my strengths and weaknesses. Once I was clear on these fronts, all my essays started falling in place.

Third during MBA interview preparation, Jatin was critical in adding structure to all my communications. This was not only helpful during my MBA application process but also during my MBA education. There were moments when Jatin was extremely straightforward in his feedback and I truly believe that his openness kept me honest in my GMAT preparation and MBA application process.

I want to thank Jatin and PythaGURUS team for working with me for my success. I would be more than happy to provide any assistance to Jatin and PythaGURUS team. “”


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