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Common Interview Questions at Harvard Business School and How to Approach Them


The journey to Harvard Business School (HBS) is a path paved with diligence, ambition, and the crucial step of acing the MBA interview. Navigating this interview process is key to unlocking the doors to one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. This comprehensive guide delves into the nuances of common HBS interview questions, offering strategic insights to help you prepare meticulously and stand out in your interview.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions in HBS Interviews

How has COVID-19 Impacted Your Job and Industry?

Understanding the Question

This question seeks insights into your adaptability and awareness in the face of global disruptions. Harvard Business School values candidates who demonstrate resilience and the ability to thrive amidst challenges.

Structuring Your Response

Discuss specific changes in your job or industry due to COVID-19. Focus on how you adapted, showcasing innovative solutions or leadership skills you employed. Emphasize learnings and how they have prepared you for future uncertainties.

What was the Most Exciting or Significant Project/Deal You Worked on This Year?

Reflecting on Your Experience

This question aims to uncover your professional contributions and the impact you’ve made in your role. HBS is interested in your ability to drive results and your passion for your work.

Highlighting Your Contribution

Detail the project’s scope and your role, emphasizing the challenges and your responses. Illustrate your problem-solving skills and how you contributed to the project’s success, using quantifiable results where possible.

How Do You Handle Pushback or Criticism?

Showcasing Emotional Intelligence

This question probes your interpersonal skills and resilience. HBS values candidates who can constructively handle criticism and grow from it.

Providing Real-Life Examples

Offer examples of when you faced pushback or criticism in a professional setting. Describe how you handled the feedback, demonstrating emotional intelligence and the ability to incorporate feedback positively.

What Kind of Leader Do You Aspire to Be?

Defining Your Leadership Philosophy

This question helps the interviewers understand your leadership aspirations and alignment with HBS’s leadership ethos.

Aligning with HBS’s Values

Articulate the qualities you admire in a leader and how you embody these in your professional life. Discuss how your leadership style will evolve with an MBA from HBS and how it aligns with the school’s values.

Why Should We Admit You? What Sets You Apart from Other Qualified Applicants in Your Industry?

Articulating Your Unique Value Proposition

This question is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates. HBS looks for diversity in experiences and perspectives.

Demonstrating Fit with HBS

Highlight your unique skills, experiences, or perspectives that you would bring to HBS. Explain how these attributes align with the school’s ethos and how they would enhance the learning experience of your peers.

Other Types of Interview Questions at Harvard Business School

What is Your Leadership Style and a Challenging Leadership Situation You Faced?

Identifying Your Leadership Traits

Reflect on your leadership style. Are you more collaborative or directive? How do you inspire and motivate your team?

Narrating a Leadership Challenge

Describe a situation where your leadership was tested. Explain the context, your actions, and the outcome, focusing on your decision-making process and the leadership qualities you displayed.

How Do You Handle Difficult Team Dynamics and Conflicts?

Discussing Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict resolution is crucial in a collaborative environment like HBS. Share examples of how you’ve successfully navigated team conflicts.

Emphasizing Team Cohesion

Explain your approach to maintaining team harmony and driving collective goals, even in the face of disagreements or challenges.

What are Your Short-Term and Long-Term Career Goals?

Clarifying Your Career Trajectory

Clear, well-defined career goals show that you are focused and have a plan for leveraging your MBA experience.

Linking Goals with MBA Education

Discuss how HBS’s curriculum, culture, and network will support you in achieving these goals, demonstrating a clear connection between your aspirations and what HBS offers.

How Do You Plan to Contribute to the Harvard Business School Community?

Understanding the HBS Community

Research the diverse opportunities at HBS, from clubs to case competitions, and consider where you can add value.

Proposing Meaningful Contributions

Share specific ideas on how you plan to contribute to the community, based on your skills, experiences, and passions.


Succeeding in an HBS interview requires a blend of self-awareness, thorough preparation, and the ability to articulate your experiences and aspirations clearly and compellingly. By understanding these common interview questions and preparing thoughtful, genuine responses, you’ll be well on your way to presenting a strong case for your admission to Harvard Business School.

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