How to Get Into USC Marshall School of Business

USC Marshall School of Business campus
Located in Los Angeles, California, the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business is globally renowned for its world-class business education and state-of-the-art on-campus facilities. In fact, the Popovich hall, the main building of the USC Marshall School of Business, is one of the most technologically advanced business school buildings in the USA.

However, this is not the only reason that draws countless students to this business school. Apart from the quality infrastructure, distinctive course curriculum, and high rate of post-MBA employment, Marshall alumni swear by “The Trojan Network.”

The Trojan family consists of thousands of USC Marshall alumni in multiple countries who work as an important networking source for Mashall students. Networking within the Trojan family not only helps get job offers but also instils a sense of community among the members.

USC Marshall School of Business Ranking

The Marshall School of Business has consistently featured on the best B-schools ranking by major publications and business websites. You can see that the USC Marshall ranking is under 30 in all cases, which is pretty impressive considering the numerous US B-schools and the competition involved.
Source Ranking 2021-22
Bloomberg #14
US News #19
Financial Times #25

Types of USC Marshall MBA programs

USC Marshall School of Business has many MBA programs. The applicants can choose the programs as per their requirements. Following is a quick detail on each program to help you identify the best program suited to your professional goals.

Full-Time MBA

The traditional two-year MBA program provides complete business education, from understanding the fundamental business concepts to specializing in a management stream such as marketing, human resource, etc. The course is suitable for young professionals with a few years of work experience.

Executive MBA

The course is well suited for professionals who can’t leave their job to pursue a full-time management course. The 22-month program follows a flexible hybrid schedule that consists of weekly virtual classes, bi-monthly on-campus sessions, and a 10-day international intensive.

The course allows mid-level executives or senior managers to pursue their MBA dream without disturbing their work-life balance.

MBA for Professionals & Managers (Part-Time)

The three-year part-time program is suitable for early-career professionals and managers. The classes are held twice a week in the evening for three hours. Alternatively, students may select one six-hour class on Saturday. Apart from the above three courses, USC Marshall also conducts a one-year accelerated program called IBEAR MBA and an online MBA program.

USC Marshall MBA Cost

Before discussing the admission process in detail, it’s vital to know the cost of pursuing an MBA from USC Marshall. The USC Marshall School of Business fees may vary depending on the program types. For now, we will focus only on the Full-time MBA and the Executive MBA program as they are the most sought-after ones by international applicants.
Type of Program Total Cost (in $)
First Year Second Year
Full-Time MBA 1,02,964 92,960
Executive MBA 1,56,000 (Overall cost for the 22-month program)
You can see from the above table that the USC Executive MBA cost is less compared to the full-time program. However, the actual costs may vary with each session. You should check the USC Marshall official website for the latest fee structure.

USC Marshall School of Business Scholarships

It must be clear by now that the USC Marshall School of Business fees are quite high, as expected from a top business school. However, there are many scholarship opportunities that you can avail of to bring down your USC Marshall MBA cost. You don’t require to submit a separate application for a scholarship.

All admitted applicants are automatically considered for various merit-based scholarships. The admission committee assesses each applicant on various criteria, such as merit, work experience, academic background, etc., to decide on awarding a scholarship. The business school informs the candidates about the scholarship decision at the time of admission.

Apart from this, two additional scholarships are available for applicants depending on their profile.
  1. Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM) Fellowships
  2. Schoen Family Scholarship Program for Veterans

USC Marshall Class Profile

The latest USC Marshall class profile shared below can give you an idea about where your application stands compared to the average MBA profile of the selected students.
Particulars Full-Time MBA  (Class of 2023)
Class Size 218
Average Age 29
Average GMAT 716
Average GPA 3.6
Average Work Experience in Years 5.25
Percentage of Female 36
Percentage of International Students 34

USC Marshall MBA Deadline for Application

Marshall School of Business acceptance rate is 23 per cent, and the business school conducts as many as 5 rounds to complete its admission process. While there are 5 rounds, applicants (especially overseas applicants) are advised to complete their application within Round 1 and Round 2.

The USC Marshall MBA deadlines for 2023 have not yet been announced by the school. However, you can take a look at the previous year's dates to get an idea.
Round Application Deadline Decision By
Round 1 15 October 2021 31 December 2021
Round 2 5 January 2022 31 March 2022
Round 3 1 March 2022 15 May 2022
Round 4 15 April 2022 15 June 2022
Round 5 Rolling Round
Disclaimer: The dates have been retrieved from the official website of the school. Applicants are advised to check the latest application dates from the B-school’s website directly before applying as they may be subject to change.

As you can see from the table above, the Round 1 application deadline for 2023 admission should fall around October 2022. Keep checking the school’s official website to know the exact dates.

USC MBA Admission Requirements

The USC MBA admission requirements don't differ much between the full-time and the executive program. You would require the following.
  • A completed online application.
  • A four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent. International students need to undergo prior verification of their undergraduate degrees (pursued outside the USA) from the International Education Research Foundation (IERF).
  • Academic transcripts, with the complete record of your undergraduate, and/or graduate degrees. 
  • A valid GMAT score. An ideal USC Marshall GMAT score can be 715 or more. 
  • Mandatory and optional essays.
  • A professional resume- typically one page.
The full-time MBA program at USC Marshall School of Business does not require any application fee. Another unique feature of the USC MBA application requirements is their policy regarding the letter of recommendation. Unlike most top US B-Schools, the full-time MBA program at USC Marshall does not want or accept any letter of recommendation. However, you must submit one letter of recommendation while applying for the Executive MBA program.

USC Marshall MBA Interview

Once the admission committee thoroughly reviews your application, you may be invited for an interview. Due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation, the admission committee is likely to conduct a virtual interview. The interview may be focused on your future plans, your overall career progression, and similar topics. One of the primary purposes of the interview is to gauge how strong your motivation is to join a USC Marshall MBA program.

Prepare accordingly and shine during the interview. The Marshall School of Business goes beyond providing a regular MBA degree. Instead, it helps you evolve as a global business leader ready to face the emerging challenges in the global business scenario.

The USC Marshall is an excellent choice for MBA applicants looking to advance their career prospects. Read this success story that helps you get the motivation to crack the USC Marshall MBA program.

FAQs related to the USC Marshall MBA

Is it necessary to have work experience to get admission to USC Marshall School of Business?

Work experience is not mandatory but highly recommended. The average work experience of the fall 2021 MBA class was five years. Working experience will help you get the best out of the MBA program.

What is the minimum GMAT score required by the USC Marshall School of Business?

There is no minimum GMAT score set by the college. The average GMAT score hovers around 710+ for the school. However, there have been many cases where applicants have been able to score admission into the school with a sub 675 GMAT score as well. Besides your scores, your overall profile, essay, and letters of recommendation also play an essential role in your admission.
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