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Generic reasons such as managerial growth or business expertise do not constitute ‘goals’ as far as MBA admissions are concerned. Why do you need an MBA for whatever you want to do? This question needs to be answered very carefully by business school applicants because when the admissions committee reads your goals essay or personal statement, they will set aside your grandiose expressions and vocabulary, limiting their conclusions to the reasons below. MBA essay writing is not a cakewalk and they are not going to accept you if you do not overlap here.

  • What are your specific short-term and long term goals?
  • Is the business school you are applying to have an opportunity for you to learn from specific professors who are masters in their field and indispensable for your future goals?
  • Is an MBA your opportunity to explore campus placements for specific industries/functions you have in mind?
  • Are you looking for specific on-campus clubs or networking opportunities?
  • Is the B-school your path for relocation to your preferred country?

Our MBA application essay writing service will build your story and narrative

  • Comprehensive essay guide to support story-building
  • Video tutorials for your goals and various situational essays
  • Big picture review of the essays
  • Picking right mix of personal and professional stories
  • Addressing the granularity of each story
  • Making strategic improvements in essays. Multiple critiques on the storylines and creating the context for situational essays
  • Turning around the language and flow (essay editing service)
  • Helping you make each word count so that you stay within word limits without compromising your story.
  • We offer a comprehensive MBA essay writing service

As explained above, our MBA admission essay writing service will help you express yourself in a clear and concise manner in multiple ways and the finale will be our high-quality MBA essay editing services that will bring your essays to life and grab the attention of the reader. Part of this process is also an all important process of networking with alums, existing students, and admission committee members of your B-school/s of choice, and we shall help you to network effectively with them.


Key takeaways from networking in MBA

  • Overall understanding of what is missing in your goals expression
  • Important highlights of the skill gaps
  • Assessing strong fit with the program
  • Creating relevant and affirming expression in the essays
  • Dissolving myths that applicants may have about specific programs
  • Real-time exposure and learning

Key attributes of MBA career goals

  • Engaging and time-consuming exercise exposing you to future opportunities to leverage through business school education
  • Enabling B-schools to be confident about your appropriate job placement after your graduation
  • Assessing your past skills and building the equation of employability: Past + MBA = Short-term + Long-term Goals
  • Helping you to create a specific short-term horizon of 4-5 years
  • Creating well-connected long-term goals of 5-15 years

Specific outcomes of goals exercise

  • B-schools will not see you as a risky or confused candidate
  • They will be confident that you understand how an MBA fits into your larger canvas of life

FAQs related to MBA Essay Writing Services


1. What is the importance of an MBA goals essay and what are ‘goals’ in this context?

Your ‘goals’ essay is really important among the admissions essays because it explains to the admissions committee what your specific short term and long term goals are, what have been your work/life experiences and accomplishments that made you set these goals, and how the particular business school can help you achieve these goals. Well thought out career goals for MBA are important for your short term and long term career goals essay.


2. What is the difference between short-term and long-term goals for an MBA goals essay?

Short-term goals for MBA students can be defined as stepping stones towards your long-term goal, which is your true goal. As they say, Rome was not built in a day! Similarly, in order to get ‘there’ you will have to plan out your A to B to C to D strategy.


3. Should I talk about my past experiences in my MBA goals essay?

You must write about your past experiences because those would have been instrumental in opening your eyes to a broader horizon that drove you to explore an MBA to fulfil your ambitions. At what point of your career did you have that insight which told you that you are really ignorant about this… and that… and you better learn how to get over these humps or else you are not going anywhere? A professional MBA admission essay writing service can help you pinpoint this.


4. Can I keep my goals vague in an MBA goals essay?

Vague and generic goals are a good way to get a rejection without wasting any time. It conveys to the admissions committee that you are clueless about what you want to do in life and are looking at an MBA as only a further ‘qualification’. Well… that qualification is not going to come your way if you do not get your act together! In such cases, it is almost mandatory to get MBA application essay help.


5. How to write an MBA goals essay that lands an interview?

If you have been through the kind of essay questions that top MBA programs ask their applicants, have you noted the tight word limits that are given? If you look at point # 1 above, you will realize that it is not so easy to cover everything required unless you have a very clear and tight narrative of your life. Very often we are so engrossed in our lives and our self-acquired narratives that we miss the really crucial things that actually define us and this is where a highly experienced MBA application essay writing consultant like PythaGURUS comes in. Career objective for MBA students is mandatory. The MBA essay consultant can help you define and tighten your story that a top business school will believe and give you a buy-in. It should be obvious by now that GMAT scores are only a beginning point and there are many steps you have to go through (including multiple MBA essay reviews) before you will submit your admissions essays. Needless to say, essays with grammatical errors are just not acceptable, and a good business school essay help and editing service can prove to be indispensable. There are some well-known MBA essay services available and if you can afford it, you should seek the best MBA essay editing help possible. PythaGURUS will do your MBA essay review and provides the best MBA essay editing services. MBA essay help is only a click away.

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