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Madhu got into her dream school ISB, which is also India’s best business school.

Madhu had over 5 years of work experience and was a great candidate. However, her passion for an MBA or her dream school got lost in translation when she started writing an MBA application essay. This is why this talented MBA applicant came to us to help her rectify this issue.

The result? Madhu got into her dream school ISB, which is also India’s best business school.

Here’s her story.

Goals story

Madhu’s first draft was scratched by her after we gave her a detailed encyclopedia about her short-term goal of consulting. She made major changes to her first draft and produced a better goals story without any feedback. This was a good sign as it meant that feedback would make her final application even better in all respect.

However, her story missed inspiration. Inspiration is not just for the reader of your goals story but also for the applicant. The difference is simple, someone who is inspired to write about an idea will always have a lot of passion and conviction about the same. This is what MBA applications are all about, you don’t just have to convince the admissions committee of your reasons to pursue an MBA, but also have to be passionate about those reasons yourself. Only then can you transfer the same passion onto paper.

Madhu needed to write, not only about the moments that exposed her to Consulting as a career but also the moments that inspired her to take up consulting and make a difference in the industry or the world. She needed to write about what her potential value addition to the consulting industry would be.

As we had guessed, the feedback really helped Madhu gain perspective on the kind of goals story she really believed in and one she wanted to be represented by in the MBA applications to her target schools.

Essay analysis

Madhu’s biggest issue was missing out on details. She had great stories to tell and had authentic and passionate convictions for pursuing an MBA, however, it made no difference since she wasn’t able to put those on paper initially.

We tried to make her see this point as it was a constant throughout her profile.

We had to change Madhu’s target deadlines initially as her essays hadn’t started out in good shape. I tell you this because Madhu was a great applicant and still had to endure this change. Which means that having a great profile is much more important than any deadlines during your MBA applications.

And it clearly had a great effect on Madhu’s profile as she walked away with an admit from India’s top business school, ISB!

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