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Jatin, as one of the top MBA consultants India has worked with a few thousand business school applicants, like you, for 14+ years and has generated over ~150 Crores of top MBA scholarships. He has developed a tried and tested robust process in his MBA consultancy services and can say with some authority as to what works and what does not, and emphatically believes that his foremost goal as the MBA consultant is to bring out the best in you!
Mba Consulting Services

Our MBA Consulting Process

MBA Consulting Process

MBA Resume Editing And Writing

A resume for an MBA application is very different from a job resume. A resume for MBA admission has to be made with the intention to make an impact on laypersons, which is what admissions officers and committees are constituted of. A layperson is someone who has not worked in your organization, does not know the importance of various KRAs or jargon used in your company or industry, and is assessing you only on the basis of what you project.

Yes—your MBA CV has to cater to laypersons, and we have a top-notch MBA resume editing service for you! Your MBA resume audience is the admissions committee and NOT head hunters or industry experts. Our MBA resume writing service will ensure that your skills and accomplishments are carefully crafted accordingly.

MBA Consulting Process

Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

Some of you know what you are looking for right after your MBA, and some of you are really clueless and have generic reasons such as managerial growth or business expertise in mind. Whether you like this or not, the MBA admission committee is going to deep dive into understanding your specific aspirations. Whatever you want to do, why do you need an MBA for that? Think about the reasons coming to your mind right now.

MBA Consulting Process

MBA Goals Essay

The MBA is a significant milestone in your professional life, and the goal behind the MBA essay writing should be emphasized thoroughly. One of India’s best MBA consultants in Delhi will help you in essay writing for MBA admission and prepare a concise and thoughtful essay that aligns with the purpose of your MBA program.

With our years of MBA application consulting experience and essay writing services, you can impress the admission committee with your maturity, knowledge, and drive.

Some of you would have looked up free guidance available on the Internet and may have searched for MBA admission essay writing service or MBA application essay help and gained some knowledge of how to deal with MBA essay writing.

Searching for business school essay help or MBA essay help may not be enough to navigate the intricacies of this important aspect which can make or break your successful MBA application. This is where our MBA essay writing services will be very valuable.

MBA Consulting Process


This will be an engaging and very important part of the overall exercise. Our top MBA consultants in Delhi will provide MBA applicants with all the support for this process.
  • Helping applicants with the initial written communication
  • Helping with the structure of the telephonic conversation with alums, existing students, and admission committee members
  • Guidance on how to create transcripts of those conversations and leverage them in the final essays
MBA Consulting Process

Shortlisting Business Schools

Shortlist your favorite schools from the list of top business schools you want to apply to as per your preferences. Our best MBA consultants in Delhi will help you find more relevant and useful information about the application process for each school and helps you in the process of building your MBA letter of recommendation.

We shortlist schools primarily on the basis of:

  • Private Loan Programs and scholarship funds of these schools
  • The reputation of the program and its ability to get you the ROI
  • Geographical Preferences of the candidates
  • Different schools have different MBA offerings. School shortlisting will be done on the basis of your career aspirations

MBA Consulting Process

MBA Letter of Recommendation

Your MBA recommendation letter is an important document in the application process which expresses the degree of satisfaction that your senior (past or present) feels towards your endeavors and performance. Requirements for a professional LOR for MBA vary from school to school, and many B-schools have detailed questionnaires which assess these aspects quite thoroughly. We provide comprehensive help to build your MBA letter of recommendation.

Some points to be taken into consideration for an MBA recommendation letter:
  • Relationship of the recommender with the applicant
  • Background of the recommender
  • Ability of the recommender to build a strong narrative
  • Relevance and depth of applicant’s engagement with the recommender
How we can help
  • Shortlisting recommenders based on your career history
  • Sharing best strategies with your recommenders and giving active guidance where required
  • Assistance for improving language and flow
Assessing the quality of examples and various attributes given by the recommenders
MBA Consulting Process

MBA Interview Preparation

As part of our MBA interview coaching, you will get access to OUR GREATEST GIFT TO THE BUSINESS SCHOOL APPLICANT—60+ video tools ready to be consumed for the most challenging interviews and essay questions. Power packed with 14+ years of MBA application consulting experience, and over 3 years of intense research, these unique tutorials have made the most significant impact on the MBA applicant community! We will catalyze your business school interview prep!

Key features of our MBA interview prep
  • Personal mock interviews and customized feedback
  • Interview training guides
  • Training on almost every conceivable variety of situational questions
  • Complete access to, a tool that is unique to PythaGURUS
This will enable you to
  • Address the most challenging situational questions with ease
  • Generate authentic and convincing storylines
  • Handle conversational interviews with the admissions committee members
Remove the communication FAT that admissions committees do not value or understand

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FAQs related to MBA Consulting Services

1. Who are the best MBA consultants in India?

Jatin Bhandari is a top MBA admission consultant in India, he has generated over ~150 Crores (~USD 20 Million) of top MBA scholarships for professionals from diverse backgrounds. In addition to the common applicant pool, he has even helped doctors, policemen, and politicians gain MBA admissions to top B-schools!

Jatin Has Been Featured In: The Pioneer, The Times of India, HindustanTimes, IndiaToday, the tribune, The Economic Times, NDTV INDIA, The Indian Express, Business Insider, The Hindu, BusinessLine, business today

2. What does an MBA admissions consultant do?

An MBA consultant is an unbiased expert who can be a valuable guide in making an effective MBA application. Beginning with your profile evaluation; suggesting the right MBA program, and business schools; guiding you in making your appropriate personal statement, MBA application essays, goals, resume, and letters of recommendation; and preparing you for your interview—the best MBA consultants will offer objectivity, analytical skills, experience-based good judgment, editing ability, empathy, support and encouragement all through the MBA application process.

3. Should I hire an MBA admissions consultant?

Success stories of happy clients on MBA consultancy sites reveal that many received good MBA counselling which led to substantial scholarship awards besides securing admissions to business schools of choice. While the Internet provides a plethora of free advice and useful information to help in MBA application, it might not be enough to win admission to a top MBA program. In fact, large numbers of applicants face rejections due to unrealistic applications to schools where they had a low admission probability. Top MBA programs like those offered by Harvard Business School or Columbia Business School will be a good fit for very few. MBA in consultancy management is another such example where entrance test scores are not enough to gain admission. Many MBA consultants hold MBA degrees themselves and have substantial business experience, which enables them to help candidates highlight work-related and other accomplishments in their resumes, essays, and interviews.

MBA consultants in India can maximize your chances of being selected, however, if someone has a low chance of acceptance because of bad grades or test scores, low caliber work experience, and unrealistic career goals, an MBA consultant will not be able to help.

4. What questions should I ask MBA consultants?

  1. Since when are you doing MBA application consulting and how many candidates have you helped?
  2. What is your assessment of my school selection? Should I consider other schools?
  3. What kind of results have you had with my target schools?
  4. How can you value-add my MBA application?
  5. How would we interact and what is your application process to help applicants?
  6. How long do you normally take for reviewing documents?
  7. Have you managed tight deadlines in the past?
  8. Do you have a team of editors?
  9. How are you different from other MBA consultants?

5. How do I choose the best MBA consulting services?

Establish your priorities, shortlist business school consultants and go through their sites carefully, paying attention to the processes MBA consultants follow and testimonials with special emphasis on scholarship amounts and choice of B-schools. Look for free consultations, and evaluate what is being offered in their MBA consultancy services. Finally, trust your gut feeling. Top MBA admissions are a lot of hard work and need the best inputs. There are many slips between filling up an application form and gaining an MBA admit.

6. How much fees do MBA consultants in India charge?

MBA consultants in India charge between Rs. 200,000 to 600,000 for a yearly engagement, based on the number of schools being applied to. The same holds true for MBA consultants in Delhi NCR.
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