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Anubhav’s Journey to 2 Top Public Policy Programs

Anubhav reached out to us with a dream of getting a master’s in Public Policy.

He had an inspiring story and we knew we had to guide him to get his dream admit.

2 months into the process, Anubhav ended up with admits to Syracuse, and Fletcher.

Although it’s not an MBA success story, it is a success story nevertheless and one we are very proud of.

Anubhav’s goals story

Anubhav’s goals story had a significant gap in the expression portion that described his future. The learning gaps that he was writing about weren’t convincing enough to have driven him to pursue an MBA.

His story was truly one to be inspired by. He left a job to move out to work for an NGO, and the reasons came out as authentic and genuine on paper as they were in real life. Which is a difficult result to achieve in the first draft.

The problem was that his past and short-term goals were too similar. Anubhav wasn’t able to create a clear distinction between the two. He wanted to do a Public Policy Course but couldn’t give specific reasons to how that would improve his career trajectory and why he couldn’t achieve his goals without it.

The feedback he received:

  1. Explain AHA moments
  2. Mention transferrable skills you have
  3. Connect short-term goals to long-term goals

Interviews for Syracuse and Fletcher

Although both Syracuse and Fletcher did not require interviews by applicants, they allowed applicants to give one. Anubhav scheduled interviews with both the schools and also attended informal ‘meet at coffee’ events as well.

Before starting with the mock interviews, we provided Anubhav with our interview guides and the Interviewninjas library to prep for the mocks.

The first mock is almost always quite nerve-wracking so we gave Anubhav about a week or so to prep before that. After the mocks, we were pretty confident that Anubhav would be able to answer any question that the interviewer asked him.

Anubhav’s Essays

Anubhav had some good points in his essays, similarly to his goals story. The first thing missing was examples. He had stated his opinions and findings over the years but hadn’t stated the moments that had made him reach those.

Some parts of his essay also came out irrelevant. To Anubhav, while those reasons or facts would have made sense in connection to his goals, there was no context to explain it to the reader. He had also mentioned things about the school for the ‘Why this school?’ part of the essays, but not mentioned how those things were related to his goals.

After working on all aspects of his profile, his email informing us about both he admits was not shock.

Anubhav made it to both Syracuse and Fletcher and we were glad that we were a part of his master’s application journey.

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