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Yash cracks Boston University with a 36 Lakh scholarship

  • Yash only had 2-year work experience in economics when he came to us with the hope of getting an MBA. While 2 years is far too little work-experience, Yash was able to create an amazing result for himself with PythaGURUS.

    Yash got into Boston university with a 36 Lakh scholarship.

    Yash’s goals story

    There were three problems with Yash’s goals story:

    1. He had showcased no transferrable skills from his past that he would want to leverage in the future.

    Yash came from the research industry and thus needed to show how the skills he had acquired during his time in the industry would help him transition to consulting. If you cannot showcase any transferrable skills, that shows the business schools that you’re solely relying on an MBA to create a foundation and then the required skills for your short-term and long-term goals.

    2. He had no main or significant AHA moments.

    AHA moments are events that inspired you to do an MBA, or events that made you believe that an MBA could help you overcome your handicaps and enter your preferred job function.

    3. His document only had a few lines about the goals and the rest was just filler sentences.

    While the third point was pretty easy to rectify, the first two needed a lot of work. these clearly meant that Yash lacked in research currently. Thus, we provided him with our consulting resources before giving him detailed feedback.

    After many iterations of the goals story, Yash was able to produce an authentic account of all his handicaps, AHA moments, and how an MBA would fill in the gap for his professional growth.

    We started with the pre-networking exercises next, as they require a longer time. You never know when your connection at the school, alumni, current student or faculty, would reply and thus need to set apart a good amount of time to cover for any such uncertainties.

    So, we provided him with access to the various networking and interview resources, like Interviewninjas, to really help him understand the kind of questions that he needed to ask during his pre-MBA networking calls. We even set up mock networking calls to refine the strategy for the real ones.

    Yash’s essay analysis

    The biggest issue we face with applicants is that their essays lack personality and are big on facts and numbers. While Yash’s essays were okay as far as a personality was concerned, he lacked the facts.

    Where he added details like “the campaign ran for 17 days”, he should have added the added revenue it got them, or the increased traffic it generated.

    Yash was struggling with the essays from the beginning. He even wrote two-three drafts of certain essays before presenting the first draft to us. while it is okay to strive for perfection, applicants need to understand that the first few drafts are purely to gauge the story of the applicant.

    With the essays complete, we gave Yash access to Interviewninjas, our online video guide library for interview prep. After a few mock interviews, Yash was asked to prepare answers to a few tricky and demanding questions that might be asked to him.

    Yash ended up having a great interview and an even better result as he received an admit to Boston University with a scholarship of 36 Lakh.

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