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Civil Engineer gets accepted to ISB

An applicant of ours, Aditi, recently cracked ISB, India’s top business school. This applicant had spent over 7 years working as a civil engineer and wanted to shift to consulting.

To do so, she knew she needed to get into ISB’s MBA program. We were so honored that Aditi chose us to help her achieve her MBA goal.

Aditi cracked India’s top business school, ISB!

Here’s how she did it.

Aditi’s Goals Story

Aditi’s short-term goal post-MBA was to work as a management consultant. Consulting is one of the most popular post-MBA goal. Which means, Aditi needed to work extra hard to show the admissions committee how she was different from every other MBA applicant that wanted to secure a high paying consulting job post-MBA.

This was a clear indication that Aditi needed to start networking with professionals in the same job functions as she wished to be in post-MBA. Along with networking with such professionals, we started sharing different research material, that we had created for other students as well, on the various post-MBA functions.

Aditi’s long-term goal was to be a Management Consulting, as I have mentioned before, and she took the right approach by defining the job function, but the definition in itself wasn’t much help. She needed to define the function’s roles and responsibilities that she will be required to fulfil.

Aditi’s goals story also lacked flow in the beginning. The flow that I am referring to here is a seamless connection between Aditi’s past, MBA Program, Short-term goals, and long-term goals.

However,Aditi was one determined applicant, she spent hours networking with professionals in her desired job functions and students in her target schools just to get her story right.

Aditi’s Essay Analysis

ISB has a very specific way of asking the “Why this school?” question. They make it more difficult by asking why you should be admitted if there was only one spot left in their program. Now, this is a high stakes question. They aren’t just asking how you would be a good fit for the program or what you would bring to the school’s student body. Instead, they are asking why you’re the best fit out of the entire applicant pool.

Aditi’s answer to this question was aimed at just putting down her skills on the paper. While that is a great skill to share, an applicant must also point out the value of that skill to ISB as an institution. After receiving guidance on how to do that, the next drafts that Aditi provided answered the questions head-on, and she got invited for an interview by the school.

Aditi nailed the interview with ISB alumni and received an admit to her dream school.

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