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How Vikas cracked Cornell with a low GMAT score

For an Indian male engineer, a competitive GMAT score for any school is 20 points more than the average score of that school. this is due to the saturation of similar profiles in the applicant pool.

Thus, Vikas’ score of 710 on the GMAT wasn’t competitive for his target business school, Cornell.

However, he was able to gain acceptance to Cornell’s Johnson Graduate school of Management, a Top 15 US business school!

Here’s how he did it.

Vikas’ goals story

Vikas had to find out the companies that his target business schools got visited by the most during recruitments. He also needed to have an exhaustive list of the organizations that hired for his desired function at his target schools. He found people that had been working in his desired function at these organizations and dedicated his networking calls to find out about their career trajectory at the organization. His job, at the moment, was to create a blueprint of what his post-MBA job search and career would look like.

Once that was done, moving onto the next step of essays was easy.

Vikas’ essay analysis

The issue with Vikas’ essays was they felt irrelevant, simply because he failed to detail what he was talking about. He had mentioned incidents from his life but hadn’t highlighted the qualities he wished those incidents to portray.

The admissions committee members reading your essays have to read many more. The least an applicant can do is make their job a tiny bit easier by clearly mentioning the message they want to convey through their essays.

Vikas was a quick learner and he picked up on this feedback almost instantly.

He ended up cracking Cornell and creating an amazing result with us!

Vikas’ testimonial

Well after having 9 years of experience in IT, it was a tough decision to think of leaving a job and planning for an MBA. I was really confused on my career goals and soon after my GMAT, I got a chance to speak to Jatin and he could easily figure out my confusion during our first interaction. During my interaction, he shared some thoughts on which I pondered and brainstormed on my career goals. With another 2 rounds of discussion, I was quite clear what is it that I need from an MBA and that’s when I decided to go ahead with Jatin to seek his guidance for applications.

Jatin guided me during every step of the application process and his pep talks really helped me in bringing out the quality essays. With the timely help and expert guidance from Jatin towards applications and interviews, I’m able to get admission to one of the topmost Ivy League University MBA Program. I totally owe my selection to Jatin’s expertise and guidance and I believe I took the very right step in consulting with Jatin for my goals and applications. Thanks, Jatin and I wish you all the best in bringing good luck to applicants!


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