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How an applicant from a family business background cracked his dream MBA program?

Madhav had been working as a business development executive and had a total of 4 years of work experience.

His dream to get an MBA came true when DeGroote school of business sent him a letter of acceptance!

We are proud to tell you the amazing MBA journey that this applicant had!

Madhav’s goals story

Madhav’s initial goals story did not work with his past or his current handicaps. He came from a family business background and did not have strong AHA moments to justify his short-term goal.

An AHA moment is the incident that makes an applicant realize that they’ve hit a plateau in their current professional situation and exposes them to a different job function that promises to be more professionally fulfilling.

The other thing that Madhav’s story required was the names of organizations that would hire him. Being an Indian student abroad, Madhav would require a Visa to work internationally. He needed to name organizations at his target schools, that hired international students and provided them with Visa.

Madhav also needed to specify his reasons for all of his decisions. If he said he wanted to target certain markets, India or abroad, in is job function post-MBA, he needed to clarify why.

With such things taken care of, Madhav almost had a perfect goals story.

Madhav’s essay analysis

For his essays, our main focus was to provide really detailed and personal answers about how DeGroote’s environment, teaching methodologies, courses, and other projects, would help Madhav learn the skills to actualize his short-term goal.

Madhav’s response to the question, “Why this school?”, was a brochure response. It was a response which you will be able to find in a school’s brochure if you read it thoroughly.

To truly write a response that would be unique, and would convince the school of the effort put in by Madhav, he needed to network. After providing the Networking guide to Madhav, and running a couple of mock calls to get him accustomed to the process, we asked Madhav to start networking before anything else. Madhav was soon networking with the current students and the alumni of his target schools.

His efforts paid off when he received the letter of acceptance from DeGroote School of Business.

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