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Swati receives 80 Lakh in scholarship from a US top 10 school, Darden

One of our MBA consulting candidates got admitted to Darden, a top 10 US business school, with an 80 Lakh scholarship.

She faced ups and downs throughout her application, but never gave up on her dream school, Darden.

Here’s her story.

Swati’s goals story

Swati’s goals story had two major problems:

  1. The technical connection between her past, present, and future goals was missing.
  2. The inspiration was missing.

This is more important than most applicants realize. Along with the knowledge of the current handicaps, AHA moments, and their career trajectory in the chosen short-term goal, an applicant should also know the answer to “Why do you want to do whatever you want to do?”.

It can also be called understanding the value of a goal. An applicant needs to detail what inspired them to select their goal. They need to talk about what is the problem they are trying to solve in their chosen function or industry, or what value they wish to add.

Swati’s expression on the goals story was missing this part.

So, we started her on networking. Talking to people who are currently living the professional life you wish to live, be it MBA or the job in your short-term goals, can help put the possible career trajectory you would have into perspective. It furthers the cause of writing authentic reasons for selecting a certain goal and the need for an MBA.

Swati’s essay analysis

It’s very rare for us to accept an applicant’s input readily, especially if it paints someone else in a negative light. However, the amazing thing about people is that the most random things can make their stories look very authentic and real. What we had initially interpreted as being a negative representation of someone, turned out to be a very real description of the events with no prejudice thrown in the narration.

The person, mentioned above, was a personal challenge for Swati. Thus, it was appropriate for her to detail the challenges he posed in front of her. However, she needed to identify the problems more correctly.

Simply identifying a skill-based issue as a motivational-issue could make the admissions committee members wonder whether you’re ready for an MBA if you can’t even tell the difference between these skills.

Simply put, the more nominal mistakes will make a bigger dent on your profile.

Needless to say, Swati grasped the feedback on her entire application quickly. In fact, the result created by this Rockstar applicant was amazing.

She cracked Darden, a top 10 US school, with an 80 Lakh scholarship.

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