General Management as an MBA Career goal: Short term long term Goals essay Tip

This article will give you a very decent understanding of how generalists operate and the remuneration structure. You are asking for a top MBA program.


I wanted to write to you and outline the key points that will help your recommenders in drafting a letter of recommendation that will be taken seriously.

MBA School Rankings

It is important to find the right B-School among the most aspired and reputed. One that offers an excellent track record, high quality education, and a pick at one of the best corporates.
Jatin Bhandari / 16 January,2020 / MBA CONSULTING

ISB versus US Top 10 MBA - Cost & ROI Comparison

Many students think that ISB is cheaper than any US Top 10 MBA program. Think again. Here is a comparison between ISB and the US Top-10 Business School.
Jatin Bhandari / 20 January, 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

High GMAT Score of 750, Gets a Ding from INSEAD due to Applicant’s Essay

Many applicants believe that a high GMAT Score will get them to their dream school. Read the story of this ROCKSTAR who despite scoring a 750 in GMAT got a ding from INSEAD.
Jatin Bhandari / 22 January, 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

Value of Community experience in your MBA profile

Working on your applications, I do realize that many of you fail to understand the term “Community Experience”.

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad After 12th | List of Top Scholarship Programs

A good undergraduate education from a top US school will put you on the fast track to your goals. But this will certainly not come cheap! How do I figure out

15 Most Frequently Asked Questions about the SAT

SAT is a standardized test used to check how ready a high school student is for undergraduate programs at a college.

4 important steps to follow to strengthen your MBA application

My interaction with someone who had a 750 on GMAT score and carried 5 years of work experience in an international bank made me wonder what was

How to score 1600 on SAT

The SAT test is a very important milestone for students. For many, it represents the deciding factor between admission and rejection to the top college

6 Tips for a good SAT Essay score

A good undergraduate profile isn’t complete without a good SAT score. And a good SAT score isn’t complete without a good essay score.

SAT test-day Dos

With your SAT test day nearing, it is obvious for you do get nervous. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t prepared or would score less.
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