Tips to ace the GMAT Essay

I will guide you through how to write essay for this section and many more things, but without practicing for this section

Should I retake GMAT exam

I want you to look at the GMAT Averages for various schools(I have included only US Schools, but you can pick

Section-wise GMAT Time Management Tips

Why I’m telling you this story is because at that point I believed time management on these tests was a gimmick

Top GMAT Test Day Tips

Great philosophers have said, “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” And it is true for a lot of things, but for the GMAT, it isn’t.

The 16 Best GMAT Exam Strategies

Many GMAT Applicants start the preparation with a great enthusiasm, but as the time progresses, GMAT Become more like a hobby rather than a short-term goal that needs to
Jatin Bhandari / 14 December, 2020 / MBA CONSULTING

Short-Term Long-Term MBA Career Goals

As a Top MBA Admissions consultant, I have worked with a lot of applicants in the past 11 years. While I have learned a lot from the Indian Applicants keen
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Should you apply to an IVY League school?

People do everything from admitting their kids to feeder pre-schools for Ivy League schools to paying donations every year to the same, just to ensure a seat
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Public Ivy League Schools: Why you should apply

Although there is no official association known as the Public Ivy League, the term holds a lot of meaning to those in the undergraduate admissions industry.
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Can a person with a low GPA but a very high GMAT score (of 760) get admission to top B-schools like HBS, Wharton and Stanford?

Always start your assessment with the GPA conversion. Do not do the conversion yourself. Instead, reach out to renowned bodies such as
Jatin Bhandari / 6 December, 2019 / MBA CONSULTING

Top MBA Career Goals Essays

If you are preparing for your essay or interview responses to the question- “How will an MBA from our school help you?”, this article will help you create a very seamless expression.
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How to get full-ride scholarships to top business schools

A lot of my MBA admission consulting students ask me- HOW Can I GET a full ride SCHOLARSHIP? My life gave me opportunities to get more than 80 Crores of Scholarships
Jatin Bhandari / 4 December, 2019 / MBA CONSULTING

Why Indian MBA Applicants with High GMAT scores get Rejected by Ivy League Business Schools

Wanted to share this with you- a lot of you are reaching out to me to take my services as you were Rejected by TOP Schools last year. I get to hear from SO MANY Re-applicants