6 Tips for a good SAT Essay score

A good undergraduate profile isn’t complete without a good SAT score. And a good SAT score isn’t complete without a good essay score.

SAT test-day Dos

With your SAT test day nearing, it is obvious for you do get nervous. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t prepared or would score less.

How is an Sat scored?

The most underappreciated strategy to score well on any exam is to know how the scoring is done. Once you know how the algorithm for the test works

Last week GMAT prep strategies

A year ago, I read a story of a GMAT aspirant who jumped off the high-rise Magnolia towers on the Golf course road Gurgaon a day before the GMAT.


Since 90% of business schools have started accepting GRE scores from applicants wishing to be a part of their MBA programs, one would think the MBA

How does one prepare enough to get a perfect score on the GMAT? | Pythagurus

Scoring a perfect 800 on the GMAT is neither necessary, nor an easy task. The perfect score on the GMAT can be rightfully compared to a wild goose-chase.

What is the best GMAT section order | Pythagurus

GMAT has gone through various changes in the past few years. The one concerning us today is one of the changes made in 2017 regarding the section order on the test.

GMAT Grammar Rules to swear by | Pythagurus

Engineers think that GRAMMAR is more about English and tend to stay sway. What they do not realize is that if followed with a plan, and objective

GMAT Time Management strategies | Pythagurus

Time management is one of the most important aspects of giving the GMAT, and maybe one of the most difficult as well. Almost every student prepping for the GMAT

Top 30 most frequently asked questions about GMAT and GMAT Prep

let’s look at the answers to the 30 burning questions that GMAT aspirants find themselves asking at some point in their GMAT prep.

Sample GMAT study plan

Most of the GMAT Courses available in the market offer 10 to 12 week GMAT Study programs. Some of these courses include PythaGURUS Education

Formats of GMAT Coaching

When someone decides to pursue an MBA from globally ranked top colleges, a GMAT score becomes an inevitable step in the application process.
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