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Kshitij cracks Schulich Business School with a low GMAT score.

After working 6 years as an engineer, Kshitij decided he wanted to get an MBA. However, his low GMAT score of 690 looked like a hurdle to his dream of going to a top school.

But with us, Kshitij cracked the Schulich Business School with a low GMAT score.

Here’s his story.

Kshitij’s goals story

Kshitij’s goals lacked research, and perspective, he was detailing his goals like most people do. He started with explaining his current job, then talked about his short-term goal, and moved on to talk about how his short-term goal can be met by him doing an MBA.

When writing your goals story, you need to talk about your short-term goals with respect to the kinds of roles and responsibilities that you will be taking on. You also need to elaborate on incidents from the past couple of years that have motivated you to switch to your short-term goals, these are called the AHA moments.

Then you’re supposed to move on to your current handicaps, i.e. the skills or knowledge that you currently lack to perform your short-term goals with complete efficiency. After that comes the part where you must explain how an MBA would help you overcome your current handicaps.

When you add your transferable skills, i.e. the current set of skills that you possess, it creates a smooth transition from your current job to your short-term goal via an MBA.

Kshitij was also provided with the necessary research material for his choice of function. That, in turn, helped him understand his current handicaps much better, and list stronger reasons for the question “Why MBA?”

Kshitij’s essay analysis

Getting confused amongst the types of examples to give while answering his essays. Where it clearly stated that he must give examples from his personal life, he would constantly give examples that would verge on being professional experiences.

When applicants provide the business schools with their profiles, they are specifically asked for a resume mentioning all their professional achievements so far. Thus, they must use the essays to talk about their personal life and personality. Also, if the schools ask the applicants questions pertaining to their personal lives in a question, the applicant should avoid mentioning work at all costs.

Once we had made such differences clear to Kshitij, the rest of the essays were easier as the “Why MBA?” and goals story were already sorted.

Kshitij’s story was as impressive as his result.

He made into the Schulich School of Business with just a 690 GMAT score.

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