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Common Interview Questions at London Business School and How to Approach Them

As one of the world’s premier business schools, London Business School (LBS) represents a pinnacle of academic and professional achievement in the business world. The LBS interview process is a critical step in the admissions journey, offering an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their suitability for this prestigious institution. This article, steeped in the insights from Pythagurus, will guide you through common interview questions at LBS and provide strategies to approach them, ensuring you present your best self.

Understanding the LBS Interview Dynamic

London Business School seeks candidates who exhibit not only academic excellence but also leadership potential, global perspective, and a deep understanding of the diverse business environment. The interview process at LBS is tailored to gauge these qualities effectively.

Emphasis on Personal and Professional Fit

LBS interviews often revolve around understanding your personal and professional journey. The ad-com is interested in how your experiences have shaped your perspective on business and leadership. These questions aren’t just about what you’ve done but more about who you are and how you’ve grown through your experiences.

Assessing Global Perspective and Leadership Potential

As a global business school, LBS places immense value on your understanding of international business dynamics, just like the public ivies in the US. Questions may also focus on your potential to be a future leader. It’s crucial to reflect on experiences that demonstrate your global outlook and leadership skills.

Navigating Key Interview Questions at LBS

Articulating Your Attraction to LBS

Question: “Why London Business School?”

This is your opportunity to show that your choice of LBS is a well-researched and thoughtful decision. Discuss specific aspects of LBS – be it its diverse cohort, its location in a global business hub, or specific programs that align with your career goals.

Crafting Your Personal Narrative

Question: “Tell me about yourself?”

This open-ended question is a chance to weave a compelling story about your journey. Focus on key milestones in your personal and professional life, and how they’ve led you to pursue an MBA at LBS. Be authentic and connect your narrative to your aspirations and the values of LBS.

Showcasing Your Achievements

Question: “Can you list down your achievements?”

Here, the ad-com is interested in understanding what you consider as your achievements. This question isn’t just about listing your successes; it’s about demonstrating your ability to recognize moments where you made a significant impact. Prioritize achievements that align with the values and expectations of LBS.

Balancing Academics and Activities at LBS

Question: “How will you prioritize activities in London Business School?”

This question tests your time management skills and your ability to balance academic rigor with extracurricular engagement. Discuss your strategy for balancing these aspects and how you plan to contribute to the LBS community outside the classroom.

Delving into Specific Aspects of the LBS Experience

Choosing the UK Over the USA

Question: “Why the UK over the USA?”

This question gauges your motivation for choosing a specific geographic location for your MBA. Highlight the unique advantages of studying in the UK and at LBS, such as the diverse international exposure, the specific business ecosystem, or other personal or professional reasons.

Addressing Areas of Improvement

Question: “How do you plan to manage areas of improvement during London Business School?”

Self-awareness is key here. Discuss specific areas where you seek growth and how LBS’s curriculum, culture, or resources align with your improvement plans. This demonstrates your commitment to personal and professional development.

Highlighting Relevant Work Experience

Question: “How much work experience do you have and in which background?”

LBS values diverse professional backgrounds. This is your chance to highlight how your work experience has prepared you for an MBA and how it aligns with your future goals. Connect your past experiences with how they will contribute to your MBA journey and beyond.

Exploring Academic and Entrepreneurial Aspirations

Leading in LBS’s Academic Environment

Question: “If you get into the London Business School MBA, which courses or classes would you lead the study group?”

This question seeks to understand your academic interests and leadership potential within the classroom. Talk about specific courses that align with your skills and interests, and how you could contribute to the learning environment at LBS.

Discussing Entrepreneurial Ambitions

Question: “Do you have any start-up ideas?”

If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, this is the time to share them. Discuss any start-up ideas you have, focusing on how LBS’s resources and network can help in realizing these ideas. If you don’t have a specific idea, talk about your interest in entrepreneurship and how you plan to explore this at LBS.

Demonstrating Knowledge and Enthusiasm for LBS

Expressing Genuine Interest in LBS

Question: “What do you like about London Business School?”

Your answer should reflect genuine admiration and a deep understanding of what LBS offers. This could include its academic rigor, culture, network, location, or specific programs. Be specific and personal in your response.

What LBS Ad-Com Expects and Interview Tips

The admissions committee at LBS looks for candidates who are not only academically capable but also bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table. Be prepared to discuss your past experiences candidly, and how they align with your future goals and LBS’s values.

Prepare thoroughly, researching the school’s ethos, curriculum, and the type of candidates they seek. Practice your responses but remain flexible and authentic in the interview.


A successful interview at London Business School requires a deep understanding of both the questions and what lies beneath them – an understanding of yourself, your goals, and how they align with what LBS offers. With the right preparation and mindset, you can turn the interview into a powerful platform to showcase your potential.

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