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How to Get a Great Recommendation Letter from Your Boss for Your MBA Applications

When embarking on the journey to pursue an MBA, one critical component of your application is the recommendation letter. This document provides the admissions committee with a unique perspective on your professional abilities and potential, serving as a testament to your qualifications. Understanding how to secure a strong recommendation letter, especially from your boss, can significantly enhance your MBA application.

The Role of LORs in MBA Admissions

Why Business Schools Value LORs

Letters of Recommendation (LORs) are a vital part of the MBA application process. They offer business schools an external viewpoint on an applicant’s work ethic, leadership skills, and team dynamics. A well-written LOR can provide depth to your application, complementing your resume and personal essays, and adding a human element to your academic and professional achievements. It’s a narrative that can validate your self-portrayal in other application components.

Crafting Your Approach for a Recommendation Letter

How to Approach Your Boss for an LOR

Approaching your boss for an MBA recommendation letter requires tact and timing. Choose a moment when your boss is not overwhelmed with work, perhaps after the completion of a significant project where your contribution was notable. Explain your MBA aspirations and why you believe their recommendation would be valuable. It’s important to be respectful and understand if they are unable to commit due to time constraints or other reasons.

Providing Materials to Aid Your Recommender

To assist your boss in writing your LOR, provide them with relevant materials. This includes your resume, a summary of your key projects and achievements, and specific instances where you demonstrated leadership or problem-solving skills. Also, share your MBA goals and how the program aligns with your career aspirations. This information can help your recommender craft a more personalized and impactful letter.

Best Practices for Requesting an LOR

In-Person vs. Email Requests

Deciding whether to ask for an LOR in person or via email depends on your relationship with your boss and their communication preferences. An in-person request can be more personal and engaging, allowing you to gauge their reactions and answer any immediate questions. However, if your boss prefers digital communication or if logistical issues like remote working are a factor, an email request is appropriate. Ensure your email is professional, courteous, and clearly outlines your request.

Addressing Hesitation from Your Boss

If your boss seems hesitant, respectfully ask for the reason. It could be due to their workload or uncertainty about how to write an effective LOR. Offer to provide more information or materials to ease the process. If the hesitation is due to doubts about your performance or suitability for an MBA, seek feedback and consider whether there might be a more enthusiastic recommender available.

Ensuring a Strong LOR

Building a Positive Relationship with Your Boss

A positive working relationship with your boss is fundamental to securing a glowing LOR. Consistently deliver quality work, show initiative, and contribute positively to the team. Demonstrating your potential and leadership skills in your current role can give your boss concrete experiences to draw from when writing your recommendation.

Demonstrating Your MBA Readiness and Goals

To ensure your boss writes a recommendation that aligns with your MBA aspirations, clearly communicate your reasons for pursuing an MBA and how it fits into your career path. Discuss the skills you hope to gain and how they are relevant to your future goals. This clarity can help your recommender tailor the letter to reflect your MBA readiness.


Securing a strong recommendation letter from your boss is a strategic process that requires careful planning and consideration. By understanding the significance of LORs, approaching your boss appropriately, providing them with the necessary resources, and fostering a positive professional relationship, you can enhance your chances of obtaining a powerful endorsement for your MBA application. Remember, a recommendation letter is more than just a formality; it’s a pivotal component of your story in the MBA admissions process. For more insights on obtaining a killer recommendation letter, visit How Can You Get a Killer Recommendation Letter for Your MBA Application, and for a broader understanding of the MBA admissions process, check out A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the MBA Admissions Process. With these strategies in hand, you are well on your way to presenting a compelling application for your dream MBA program.

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