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How to score 1600 on SAT

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We wanted to share some of the best practices for helping Students SCORE a perfect 1600.

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The SAT test is a very important milestone for students. For many, it represents the deciding factor between admission and rejection to the top college of their dreams. Students who have high academic proficiency tend to vie for the perfect score, and this is not at all surprising.

But just because a student has the highest GPA or rank in school, it does not guarantee that they will also be able to get a perfect score on the SAT. In fact, the SAT is intended to reveal a candidate’s general intelligence range; it is wrong to assume that a candidate with a score of 1600 has a much higher intelligence quotient than another candidate with a score of 1400. Rather, a candidate’s scores simply reflect the SAT score range that they fall into. In other words, the top 10% of any class are all quite likely to score within the range 1400-1600. Besides, taking the test can itself be an intimidating process. The high expectations and stress levels can have a negative impact on a student’s performance and consequently, their score. Students of a metro city like Gurgaon tend to have more stress and burden from school in the form of maintaining the scores in academics, be on number one in every extracurricular activity.

The question then arises, as a student, what steps can you take to maximize your SAT score? What kind of preparation do you need to focus on, to reach your maximum potential? If not a perfect 1600, how can you push for the highest possible score within your score range, and even go beyond it?

Here’s a short checklist that will help you learn what it takes:

    1. Academic Rigor:

The first significant factor that affects your ability to ace an exam like the SAT is a strong academic record. Remember, this does not mean that a student with the highest grade will for sure also ace the SATs. However, people who are already in the habit of studying hard and applying themselves during their school years will find it easier to similarly apply themselves to studying for the SAT.

If you haven’t been the most academically proactive student so far, you can still turn the tide! Work hard, focus on your goal, and stay dedicated. There’s no reason why you can’t maximize your scores! Go talk to SAT Counselor. There are many in Gurgaon.

    1. Breaking it down:

The second important thing you must do to ace the test is to actually understand its components. What is it really testing? How many sections does it have, and how much time do you have for solving each? The more you know, the better you can prepare.

The SAT test is now divided into three sections — reading, writing, and math — with specific questions in each section that tend to be repeated with every test. For instance, certain questions in the reading section are typically designed to test the candidate’s vocabulary; certain questions in the writing section typically ask the candidate to spot grammatical errors, and the math section always involves questions about geometry. Practice papers and online tests can help you gauge the kind of questions to expect. This not only helps you get familiar with the layout of the test but also improves your chances of using the right techniques for each question with minimum wastage of time.

    1. Self-analysis:

The third factor is self-analysis. Once you have taken note of the different kinds of questions to expect, you need to very objectively identify the sections that are not your strength.

Developing a sound understanding of one’s own strengths and weaknesses is a crucial step toward getting the perfect SAT score.

The trick is to identify which sections you are good and weak at through practice tests and then work the areas that need attention as a priority. For instance, suppose you find that you can solve the math questions accurately and quickly, but struggle with the vocabulary questions. Instead of practicing math, you need to use your preparation time to read grammar books, take more grammar practice tests, as well as read more.

    1. Objectivity:

As this is the case with most standardized tests, luck often has a part to play in getting a high SAT score. Even after putting in rigorous hard work, sometimes a candidate will miss out on their perfect score by just 50 points. This does not mean you are any less smart, or that colleges will not be interested in your application! Whether you score a 1500 or 1550, you are still in the same scoring range. The idea is to put in your best effort and not take either a high score or a low one too seriously.

SAT scores can vary for the same student, with the same amount of preparation from one day to the next — be aware, and remember that the score itself is not your goal. It is only one factor leading to enrollment in your dream university.


Quick Tips to get a perfect SAT score:


  • Be well versed with grammar rules. Read online guides and resources: you may discover that what “sounds right” may not always be the right answer. This is an important tip to remember for the reading and writing sections.
  • In the reading section, carefully read all the options for each question; keep an eye out for even the tiniest detail that may be wrong. Pick the answer that seems entirely accurate.
  • Often in the math section, the solution lies in the problem itself. Try to analyze the question well before automatically reaching out for the calculator.
  • In all the sections, look at the question in a holistic manner: often the answers offer clues already. If a question seems very difficult or tricky, try looking at it or approaching the problem in a different way: you may just grasp the solution.
  • One of the most effective ways to learn something is to teach someone else: this requires you to delve deeper into the material and look for ways to find solutions. This also helps to retain the information for a longer time.
  • If you get a low score, you can always try again. Statistically, it is almost certain that not only will you score higher after the first time, the overall stress of taking the test may also become easier to handle.
  • Develop a “can-do” attitude toward the test. Remember that this test is doable and you have what it takes to do well. If you let fear drive you, your effort will always be half-hearted. The belief that you can conquer it is half the battle won.
  • Remember that the SAT is just a test. If getting into an ivy league or any highly reputable college is your ambition, you will need to build an impressive portfolio that includes extracurricular activities, community participation, and leadership development activities and showcase qualities that make you unique. The test score is only one of the criteria and not the most important one.

Studying hard has its own merits and helps to develop many valuable qualities in students that serve them well throughout their lives, well beyond the SATs. However, another equally important habit that one can learn is that of studying smart.

You do not need to spend years preparing for this test. Just leave enough time to first develop an understanding of yourself: your strengths, your weaknesses, methods of learning that work best for you (practice tests, flashcards, visual aids, etc.). With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can find out about different learning strategies and identify the ones that work best for you. Then use those strategies to target your weak areas and polish upon your strong ones. Everyone has their own unique abilities and different learning styles; with the knowledge of what style suits you most, you can chart out your plan to achieve that perfect score.

What is important, is to give yourself enough time to put these ideas into practice, well before attempting to take the test. This approach will also help to reduce the pressure of cramming vast amounts of information in an unstructured fashion at the last minute, and consequently, help to keep you calm by boosting your confidence.

It is clear that the student needs to know everything they possibly can about the SAT in order to score well on the tests. But the student isn’t the only part of the team that is rooting for a 1600 SAT score.

another part of this team is the parents. So, what do the parents need to know to help facilitate this goal?


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The world is getting steadily more competitive and the pressure on students to do well is also increasing relentlessly. While it is important to put forth your best effort, you would do well to remember that one standardized test is not the be-all and end-all of your career. Developing a well-grounded preparation method can often be of more benefit to students than the actual score itself. After all, those are the skills that will really help you for years to come, whether in college or in your professional life.

Finally, like any standardized test, the SAT TEST does not define your IQ or how well you will do in your college years. This is why most colleges select students whose academic records show a consistent improvement in their grades, over time. Prized even beyond test scores and grades are well-rounded students who display a sense of curiosity, passion, and interests beyond the classroom. So work for the perfect score, but more importantly, gather experiences and skills that will work for you for years to come.

Go and get perfect scores!

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