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A Complete Guide to Top 10 One Year MBA Programs in the USA

While most renowned European B-schools offer MBA programs of 1 year duration, the US B-schools have been historically reluctant to offer such programs until now. However, the situation is now changing as the one year MBA in the USA is rapidly gaining popularity among US and international MBA applicants. 

The GMAC Prospective Students Survey 2022 also shows that 21% of the surveyed candidates want to pursue  1 year MBA programs in the USA. As some of the most acclaimed US B-schools have started offering  1 year MBA programs, many are expected to follow suit in the near future.

Also known as accelerated MBA programs, these programs can have a curriculum similar to that of a two-year MBA program, with a common set of core and elective courses. Therefore, these MBA accelerated programs can benefit highly focused individuals with clear career goals. 

Top 10 MBA Colleges in the USA for 1 Year MBAs

Following are the top 1 year MBA programs in the USA, along with their latest application deadlines and estimated cost. All the deadline dates and costs are taken from the respective B-school websites. However, applicants are advised to frequently check the college/university websites for the latest updates.

Sr. No. B- School Affiliation Degree Location Application Deadlines Estimated Fees 

(in $)

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management Cornell University Tech MBA Ithaka, New York October 11, 2022 January 5, 2023 March 7, 2023 66,454 
2 Carl H. Lindner College of Business University Of Cincinnati MBA Cincinnati, Ohio February 15, 2023 26,210 per term
3 Chapman Graduate School Florida International University International MBA Miami, Florida Admission as per space availability 47,000 
4 Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University 1 year MBA Evanston, Illinois September 14, 2022 January 10, 2023 April 5, 2023 157,578 
5 Fuqua School of Business Duke University Accelerated Daytime MBA Durham, North Carolina September 26, 2022 January 5, 2023 March 28, 2023 120,119 
6 Goizueta Business School Emory University 1 year MBA Atlanta, Georgia October 5, 2022 January 9, 2023 March 8, 2023 136,146
7 Mendoza College of Business University of Notre Dame 1-year MBA Notre Dame, Indiana November 1, 2022 January 10, 2023 March 14, 2023 May 2, 2023, 85,400
8 Gatton College of Business and Economics University of Kentucky 1 Year MBA Lexington, Kentucky April 1 43,843
9 Marshall School of Business University of Southern California IBEAR MBA Los Angeles, California October 17, 2022 January 3, 2023 February 27, 2023, March 27, 2023 120,000
10 Sawyer Business School Suffolk University MBA Boston, Massachusetts December 1 Rolling 47,220

Disclaimer: The application deadlines are subject to change by the admission committee of the college. Check the official website of the b-school for the latest dates. 

Class Profile of One Year MBA in USA B-schools

Following are the latest available information regarding the class profile of the prominent B-schools offering  1 year MBA in the USA. The data can help you understand an average student’s profile in a one year MBA course and your odds of securing admission.

Parameters Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management Chapman Graduate School Goizueta Business School Mendoza College of Business Gatton College of Business and Economics Marshall School of Business
Class Size 81 30-50 50 57 55
Average Age (in years) 29 24 22 35
Percentage of Female Students 31 49 32 32
Percentage of International Students 60 29 35 10
Average GMAT 696 646 540-710 605 630
Average GPA 3.5/4 3.37 3.36 3.3 3.56
Average Years of Work Experience 5.5 3.16 7.7 5 12

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for One-Year MBA Programs in the USA?

The eligibility criteria for one year MBA programs can vary among US B-Schools. For example, the Fuqua School of Business, which runs one of the highest-ranked accelerated MBA programs, requires a Master in Management degree or equivalent from an accredited graduate business school for its one year MBA program. 

On the other hand, B-schools like Goizueta Business School and Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management only require an undergraduate degree for admission to their accelerated MBA programs.

A valid GMAT score and at least two years of post-undergraduate work experience can be other typical requirements. Additionally, international applicants from non-English speaking countries may need to submit a valid IELTS or TOEFL score as the language proficiency test.

Check the concerned B-School’s website to know the detailed eligibility criteria.

How to Apply for 1 Year MBA Program in a US B-School

The application process for one-year MBA programs is almost similar in various US B-schools. Following are the steps involved.

Online MBA Application

Create an online account in the B-school’s application portal and generate your username and password. You can now log into the application portal to complete your application.

MBA Application Fee

Submit the application fee. Check whether the B-School offers any application fee waiver and try to avail of that facility. 

GMAT and Language Proficiency Test Score

Submit a valid GMAT score. While some colleges may offer a GMAT waiver, a good GMAT score is always recommended to highlight your MBA application. In addition, a valid IELTS or TOEFL score can be submitted as proof of English language proficiency.


Your resume should contain details regarding your educational background and employment. Include your designations, location, and tenure of employment for each of your jobs. Limit your resume’s length to one or two pages as per the B-School’s requirement. 


You would require to submit one to three essays with topics provided by the B-School. Use these essays to justify your admission to the 1 year MBA program. Explain your career goals and how a  one year MBA in US B-School can help you achieve them. 

Academic Transcripts

Aspiring MBA students are required to submit scanned copies of their university transcripts. The transcripts should include your name, university name, subjects with respective grades, and the degree conferred with the date. Submit transcripts for all the undergraduate and degree courses you attended.

Letters of Recommendation

Most one year MBA programs in the USA require one or two recommendation letters along with the application form. The recommender can be your former boss, immediate supervisor, etc. 


This is the final stage for admission to a 1 year MBA program. An admission committee member will conduct your interview after a holistic review of your application. It can be a great opportunity to explain your personal and professional experiences in detail. Showcase the interesting aspects of your personality. Highlight your professional accomplishments and leadership skills. The interview can be conducted online. You’re expected to appear in the interview in your business attire.

5 Advantages of a 1 Year MBA in the USA

1. Short Duration

Since accelerated MBA programs are completed in a year, you can move back into your career quickly. So, you start getting returns on your investments faster. 

2. Cost-Effective

To begin with, the tuition fees of a one year MBA in the USA can cost much lesser than the traditional 2 year MBA course because you have to pay for just one year. Secondly, the living costs also become significantly less as you stay on campus for a shorter period.

3. Networking Opportunities

A one year MBA program provides similar networking opportunities to courses with longer duration. So, you get to build your professional network for a lifetime during this one year.

4. Career Advancements

By dedicating just a year toward earning an MBA degree, you can escape stagnation in your career. You can seek leadership roles in your present organization or a new firm once you acquire your 1 Year MBA degree. 

5. Better Salary

Large corporate firms like Mckinsey, Google, etc., regularly provide great salary packages to promising MBA grads. So, you’ll be eligible for the next big leap in pay package after earning a one year MBA program.

If you compare a one year MBA program with a 2-year program, the latter offers you some key advantages. Effectively the difference between a one year and a two-year MBA program is about six months. In the long run, it isn’t much. But in exchange for extra six months, you can get more exposure, learning, and networking opportunity. 

Having said that, a 1 year MBA program is a great option for people looking to earn a full-time management degree but can’t dedicate two years to it due to various reasons. Besides, the flexible curriculum and global learning experience will enable you to develop the entrepreneurial skills and management expertise required to succeed in the global corporate world.

FAQs related to 1 year MBA

1. Can I Seek Financial Aid for My 1 Year MBA in US B-School?

Many B-schools in the USA offer various types of scholarships and grants to their one year MBA students. Visit the financial aid section of a particular B-school to get more details.

2. How Will I Know Whether I Am Selected for a Scholarship or Not?

A B-School typically informs students selected for scholarships with the admission decision. So, if you’re selected for a scholarship, you will get the details along with the final admission offer. 

3. Can I Look For Part-Time Jobs During the 1 Year MBA Program?

The One year MBA is a very intense full-time program. So, students should not look for employment, at least in the beginning. Once you get comfortable with the coursework, you may look for job opportunities.

4. Can Students With Non-science Backgrounds Pursue a Stem-Designated One Year MBA in US B-Schools?

While students with quant backgrounds do have an edge in a STEM designated 1 year MBA, US B-Schools look for diverse educational backgrounds. So, if you’re clear on your goals and are willing to work hard, your educational background shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Which Application Round Is Best to Enhance My Chances of Getting Admitted to a 1 year MBA program?

Since the application process is highly competitive, you should apply only when you’re cent percent sure of your application’s overall tone and quality. However, international students should try to apply by the first two rounds. Moreover, early applicants may have a better chance of securing scholarships.

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