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Formats of GMAT Coaching

When someone decides to pursue an MBA from globally ranked top colleges, a GMAT score becomes an inevitable step in the application process. No matter which school you end up applying to, a GMAT score will be the first thing they look at.

Your GMAT score becomes even more crucial when you’re pooled against applicants with similar backgrounds during the shortlisting process at business schools. A high GMAT might not get you a guaranteed admit but it will surely play in your favor in such a situation.

But not everyone has the time or discipline to manage a prep as extensive as a GMAT prep.

The numerous intricacies of the test often make it hard for students to prepare for it by themselves while juggling various other personal and professional obligations. We at PythaGURUS are well aware of this issue. This is why we try our best to provide our students with all and any possible help they could need during their preparation for the GMAT.

But before we talk about how we can make this journey to a high GMAT score better for you, let’s clear your mind of any doubt regarding the requirement of a GMAT prep class.

Why Should you opt for a GMAT Prep Class?

A GMAT prep class works, basically, as a mediator between a student and the GMAT.

When you opt to prepare for a GMAT yourself, you need a lot of time and research. Even then, you might miss out on a few things. This is not a comment on your abilities, rather it is a comment on how complicated the test can be.

When you work with us, we do the research for you. In fact, having worked on the test for over 12 years and dealing with numerous types of students, our faculty has come up with a lot of their own solutions to the problems that a student faces during the prep.

The most convenient part of joining a prep class is that whatever time you have set aside for your GMAT prep is completely focused on studying. You don’t have to worry about coming up with plans to cover the complete curriculum efficiently or about finding solutions to those hard-hitting questions.

You will have ever-ready support for any doubts you would have regarding the various sections or even the test center.

One of the biggest issues that students face with the GMAT is time management. What they fail to realize is that time management isn’t the root of the problem. The root of the problem is that the GMAT is a Computer Adaptative Test (CAT). This means that the difficulty level of the upcoming question is decided by your answer to the current question.

This however is an easy fix with the right strategies applied to the right questions. With over a decade’s worth of experience with the test, our faculty makes sure to share their strategies and other tips and tricks regarding the test with their students frequently.

No matter who you are, a working professional, a student, the CEO of your startup, being part of a prep class will not only help you with the things mentioned above but also give you a competitive environment to push you towards a higher score.

Why choose PythaGURUS?

The first reason is that we never stop. We keep on researching and improving our methods of coaching students for the GMAT. By working on GMAT prep, for over 12 years, we have come up with effective solutions and teaching mechanisms to help every type of student.

We are proud to have the best GMAT Verbal faculty in Gurgaon. Our founder, Jatin, vets each and every faculty member by himself as we believe what the students receive should only be the best that we can offer.

If you’re working, we welcome you to our weekend batches. If you’re a student and have your weekdays free, we have classes to suit your time as well. Our faculty is also always up to help students through doubt classes and mentoring sessions in regards to the test.

But we also believe that just words aren’t enough. So, take a look at our track record.


  • 5 out of 15 Indians in Darden this year are from PythaGURUS. This factoid could easily be about you next year!
  • 33.3% of Indian students going to a TOP 10 MBA program are from PythaGURUS. This is a pretty good number if you would look up just how saturated the Indian market is with consultancies and MBA aspirants.
  • We have bagged over USD 12 million in scholarships to top Tier MBA Programs. I don’t even have to mention how proud we are of our students for working alongside us to make that possible.
  • With an average background, for the admission committees, and no understanding of short-term goals when he came to us, Srijan was able to crack MIT Sloan.
  • In one academic year, 16% of Indians at Cornell’s MBA Program were from PythaGURUS. We did that. With our students’ help of course.
  • Salika Chaudhary, one of our biggest success stories, bagged 3.17 Crores of scholarships from top MBA programs.
  • Second Highest Grossing Scholarship from PythaGURUS was Umesh. With an average profile, Umesh Kathuria bagged 2 Crores in scholarships. Speechless about how proud we feel.
  • Coming from a Medicine background, Sonam had no understanding of MBA goals and knew nothing about an MBA. With some help from our amazing consultants, she was able to crack Kellogg School of Management.
  • After facing 11 Rejections in the previous years, Vikram finally got a 1.17 Crores of Scholarships that he deserved, with PythaGURUS.
  • Ashutosh was rejected by Duke in a previous attempt. Then he showed everyone what he was worth when he cracked STANFORD with PythaGURUS.
  • A Canadian citizen and our first non-Indian applicant, Jovan, took a leap of faith when he trusted an Indian MBA Consulting. But it all paid off when he cracked Darden and Stern with 80 Lakhs worth of scholarships.
  • An applicant with a huge 1.5 year of gap in work experience and an average profile cracked Columbia Business School with us.
  • Shreya Gupta, who had a series of rejections from average schools in previous attempts, cracked a Top 10 US MBA Program with 50% Scholarship after she joined us.


The Process at PythaGURUS

As mentioned before, we have come up with a process that helps us understand our students better and figure out the approach that we would then require to take to help optimize their GMAT Prep. Here’s a sneak-peak into our process.

  • We like to know you better! An initial diagnostic test is administered to understand the student strengths and weaknesses. The score is just for the student to understand the level at which he/she is starting. Irrespective of the scores, the concepts are taught from the basics to the advanced level.
  • Smaller groups with individual attention: We prefer having a limited number of students in our batches as this helps in giving personalized attention to each child.
  • The PythaGURUS journals: We give our own set of books/materials designed by our experienced team of faculty. The books covers detailed and in depth coverage of all topics asked in the GMAT exam.

How to enroll?

Enrolling with us is simple. We don’t encourage students to register online directly by making huge payments. Your GMAT prep can change your GMAT score drastically in a negative or a positive way.

However, we remain confident that with us it will only be the latter.

So, book a free class with us.

Reach out to us through our ‘Contact Us’ page and book a free trial class today. Come in and see how we really work. Talking to our counsellors and faculty before registering will help you understand how beneficial this investment would be for your future.

For over 15+ years as an Entrepreneur, and India’s Top Educationist, Jatin has led a range of initiatives in the Education Industry. In this role, he has created many successful educational services and products geared towards generating success for professionals aspiring to join IVY League and global Top Tier Universities for MBA Programs, Masters Programs, and undergraduate courses. He is the Founder and CEO of PythaGURUS Education, and has been recognized as a thought leader in the Higher education sector. Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Times of India, India Today, Business Today, Tribune, and many other national newspapers have recognized his work, and have given him numerous opportunities to be a regular columnist. He has also served as a panelist for NDTV, and other national news channels.

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