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Is an International MBA Worth It? What does it take to get a Top Tier MBA in this year?

While people today are quite aware of the various advantages of an MBA degree, many MBA aspirants can be apprehensive of exploring MBA opportunities overseas due to a lack of awareness. Check out this post to know what an international MBA can offer and how you can acquire an MBA degree from a prestigious foreign university.

International MBA – Why Should You Do It


  • Better Job Prospects

An MBA from a top of the league business school can significantly increase your chances of getting your dream job in a reputed company. For instance, industry giants like Google, Mckinsey, and many others regularly hire from top US B-schools like Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth School of Business, etc. 


  • Vibrant Learning Environment

Reputed MBA colleges in the US, the UK, and elsewhere regularly revise their course curriculum to stay updated with the latest industry demands. Besides, such schools or universities provide a dynamic and multi-cultural environment where you can mingle with students from different nationalities and socioeconomic environments.

Such vibrant campus life helps you grow your network, which can help you secure a good job profile in the future.


  • Entrepreneurship Development

Whether it is Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook in the USA or Rakesh Verma founding in India, US universities like Harvard or Stanford have long been a cradle of entrepreneurship. Studying in such an environment can automatically instil entrepreneurial values in the students.

Top Destinations for International MBA

While many countries might have several great MBA colleges, international students flock to a select number of countries every year for pursuing their MBA because of a combination of factors like good infrastructure, great brand name, employability, etc. 

Following are the top three countries that are possibly on the list of almost all international MBA applicants.


  • USA

The USA is the first choice for every international MBA aspirant. Besides the fact that the MBA programme originated here, the country is home to a large number of quality business schools that regularly feature in the list of best b-schools globally. 

Some of the well-known corporate personalities that include an exhaustive list of current and former CEOs of fortune 500 companies are the distinguished alumni of various B-schools here. 


  • UK

The UK comes close second as the most preferred MBA destination for foreign students. Many of the colleges in the country, such as London Business School, Said Business School of Oxford, etc. have a rich tradition of nurturing some of the best talents in the industry. 

London, the capital of the UK and one of the most important global financial centres, attracts a large number of MBA aspirants wishing to make it big in the world of finance.

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  • Canada

Canada is one of the largest economies in the world in terms of GDP and offers a lot of job opportunities. Many Canadian business schools are renowned for providing quality management education and job placements afterwards. 

Furthermore, the cost of MBA courses in Canada is relatively cheaper than the US B-schools, which helps those MBA applicants on a tighter budget.

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How to Get into a Top B-School

While everybody acknowledges the importance of getting into an acclaimed business school, not many have an idea of achieving this goal. Following are some tips that can help an aspiring candidate break into a top college.


  • Begin Early

The admission process in most of the overseas MBA programmes is quite time-consuming. For instance, most B-schools in the USA take about two years to complete an admission cycle. Therefore, it is essential to start your application process as early as possible.

Besides, you can get ample time to reflect upon your application and explore different options in case of rejection if you begin early.


  • Take Care of GMAT 

Many B-schools have temporarily lifted the requirement of a valid GMAT score due to the pandemic. However, the GMAT score continues to be a benchmark for good candidature. You should work hard to secure a good GMAT score as it can make your application stand apart from many other applications. 

Furthermore, try to have enough time at hand so that you can retake the GMAT if you have not scored satisfactorily in the previous attempt.

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  • Research Your School

You are about to invest two years of your life in learning something new and applicable in the real world. Therefore, it is essential to do your research before zeroing on your preferred school. Make a checklist of some obvious but important questions like

  • Does the school have a proper infrastructure and learning environment?
  • Is the faculty competent enough?
  • Will you get enough industry exposure?
  • Does the school have an impeccable and persistent record of placements?


  • Be Honest During Admission Process

The admission council of every b-school has to scrutinize thousands of applications every year. They know what they are looking for. Therefore, you better be honest during the admission process. You don’t need to project a flawless version of yourself. Instead, try to come across as a person willing to work hard to grow as an individual.


  • Hire an Expert

Hiring an expert well versed in overseas MBA admissions can significantly increase your chances of securing admission to a top tier business school. Such an industry veteran can guide you at every step of the admission process, from building a comprehensive resume to even helping you to secure scholarships.

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Top Business Schools in 2022

Rank Business School Country
1 Harward Business School US
2 Wharton School US
3 MIT Sloan School of Management US
4 London Business School UK
5 INSEAD Business School France
6 Said Business School UK
7 Columbia Business School US
8 Haas School of Business US
9 Stanford Graduate School of Business US
10 IESE Business School Spain

[Source: ]

Remember, pursuing an international MBA is not an unrealistic goal for anyone prepared to walk that extra mile of hard work that can open a floodgate of opportunities in future. Of course, you will face many hurdles on the way, but you can achieve success with proper guidance and preparation.

 The first and foremost important thing is to believe in yourself and your ability to get past the hallowed gates of a top-rung institute.

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