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Interested in a High-Paying Management Career? Try MBA-HR

Today businesses have become fiercely competitive, and most of them are willing to invest in developing a high-quality management team that can handle any challenge or issues regarding their business operations. 

While the field of finance, marketing and operations have been the usual area of focus in a traditional management focus, businesses have now recognised the pivotal role of human resource management in the growth of any company.

Furthermore, a competent and robust HR team can be instrumental in shielding the management from any possible controversy. The recent incident of mass lay-offs in a US-based company over a zoom conference is reminiscent of the fact that what can happen to a firm’s reputation if HR issues are not tackled sensitively.

Therefore, most businesses today are willing to develop a skilled HR team by offering lucrative pay packages, making the MBA with HR specialisation a good career option. Check this post to know more about MBA-HR.

MBA with SpecialisationSpecialisation in HR

MBA in HR is a business management course that helps students acquire in-depth knowledge and skills on effectively managing a company’s workforce. The programme duration is usually two years like any other MBA programme. 

The students learn valuable skills such as man-management, different appraisal techniques, salary negotiation with potential candidates, etc. Additionally, an HR manager can influence a firm’s general outlook and official policy toward various issues like

  • Operating various employees welfare schemes
  • Bonus and incentive pay-out structure
  • Maintaining high-satisfaction levels among employees
  • Checking employee attrition
  • Motivating employees to get the best out of them
  • Effective employees grievance redressal system
  • OrganisingOrganising team-building exercises
  • Designing training and assessment programmes for the growth of employees

Career and Job Prospects

A career in HR after acquiring an MBA-HR degree can open various opportunities across industries as every large company requires a fully-functional and efficient HR team. The average salary of an MBA-HR in 2020 was $79,541, which is no mean feat considering the pandemic induced slowdown in the global hiring trends.

MBA-HR grads usually begin their corporate journey from being an HR Trainee or Assistant Manager- HR. They routinely rise through ranks to become General Manager, Global or Country HR-Head, Vice President, or Director-HR.

Following are some common areas where HR managers are always in demand in large firms.

  • Hiring 
  • Orientation and training
  • Talent acquisition
  • HR compliance

We also have some great examples in Anne Mulcahy (Xerox), Lisa M Weber (Metlife), and more recently, Mary Barra (General Motors), who rose to become CEOs of their respective companies with a human resource background. 

Top B-schools for MBA in HR

The USA is home to many of the finest business schools globally, offering a combination of cutting-edge courses, robust educational infrastructure, a vibrant and multicultural campus life, proximity to some of the biggest names in industries, and a great brand value.

Following is the list of some of the well-renowned business schools whose MBA-HR programmes routinely find special mentions in various ratings.  

Sr. No. Name of the Business School University
1 SC Johnson College of Business Cornell University
2 Wharton School University of Pennsylvania
3 Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University
4 Owen Graduate School of Management Vanderbilt University
5 Ross School of Business University of Michigan
6 Marriott School of Business Brigham Young University
7 Wisconsin School of Business University of Wisconsin
8 Broad College of Business Michigan State University
9 Krannert School of Business Purdue University
10 Katz Graduate School of Business University of Pittsburgh

Necessary Skills for an MBA-HR

The HR manager is often the bridge between the management and the rest of the employees in a company. Therefore, individuals willing to build a career in this field should develop certain skills, as mentioned below.


  • Leadership

An HR manager is often required to motivate employees and keep them in good spirits even in stressful situations or times of crisis. Furthermore, an HR manager should have the ability to rally employees behind a common cause for the company’s good. 

Therefore, HR managers should aim to become a leader whom employees should willingly follow or look up to.


  • Strategy and Planning

An HR manager can provide valuable input while building or revising a company’s future strategy and growth. He should have a foresight of what HR issues might arise in the future due to a new corporate policy and how to address such issues. 

For instance, the rising participation of women in the general workforce often requires policy changes regarding maternity leave, sabbaticals, workplace comfort, etc. An HR manager is often instrumental in suggesting or spearheading such sweeping changes.


  • Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are a great asset for an HR person, which always helps in various aspects of HR management such as salary negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, effective explanation of the management point of view,  etc.


  • Interpersonal Relationships

Employees should feel free to express their concerns to an HR manager. He should be able to bond and mingle well with employees regardless of ranks and designations. Simply put, an HR personnel, despite being a member of the managerial team, should be seen as a neutral observer by employees rather than a part of the management. 

How to Get MBA in HR 

You can be eligible to apply for an MBA-HR program in any US B-school after completing your undergraduate from any stream. While the regular courses are usually of 2-years full-time duration, executive MBA course can be of 1-year duration. However, 2-3 years of work experience is mandatory for applying to an executive MBA programme.

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The admission process is similar to that of other MBA programmes such as

  • A valid GMAT score
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Essays
  • Personality Interview

In the US B-schools, the admission process in all MBA programmes, including HR specialisation, is a long process lasting a few months or even years. Therefore, you can consider hiring an expert counsellor who can guide you during the entire process and advise you to choose the right college. 

MBA consultants can also help you find appropriate scholarships that can bring down your investment costs. The only thing now left between you and an international MBA degree in HR is your intent and determination. 

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