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MBA in abroad for indian students at low cost

Worried About the High Costs of an MBA Abroad? 15 Cheapest Countries to do MBA

Pursuing an MBA degree can be one of the most crucial decisions for one’s career. Despite economic turmoils, pandemics, and conflicts worldwide, the demand for talented MBA grads hasn’t diminished through these years.


However, selecting the right MBA degree is essential- one that can provide you with the necessary skillset and exposure. Many students also find it hard to choose between an Indian MBA and an MBA from abroad.


But, even if you decide to go abroad for an MBA, the exorbitant fees at most renowned MBA destinations can be a big roadblock. However, if you’re willing to expand your search horizon beyond the typical MBA hotspots, you can pursue an MBA abroad at much cheaper rates.


Let’s look at the 15 cheapest MBA destinations spread across 5 continents – North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa.



Cheapest MBA Programs in North America



1. MBA In Canada



Canada can be among your top options for studying MBA abroad at a low cost as it is the cheapest country to study MBA for Indian students. The country is well known for its tolerance, quality of living, and affordability compared to other popular destinations. Moreover, many Canadian B-schools have a world-class infrastructure delivering business management education at an affordable rate compared to some costlier business destinations.


Besides, Canada has a booming economy, with many sectors regularly hiring B-school graduates. As a result, students can get ample networking and internship opportunities in companies from various sectors and get absorbed in one of the many reputed companies that regularly visit the B-schools.



Why Canada for MBA for Indians?


  • Strong Indian community.
  • 3-year work permit visa post-MBA.
  • Students can work for up to 20 hours per week off-campus while pursuing MBA.


And if you’re wondering, take a look at some of the most cost-effective MBA programs in Canada.






Surprised to see the USA on the list of cheapest MBA abroad destinations? However, believe it or not, it is possible to study MBA at a low cost in the USA. In fact, the USA has many good B-schools that can offer you the cheapest MBA in the world if you’re willing to look beyond the usual top-rated choices.


For instance, Kentucky State University or Wilmington- the University of North Carolina can offer you a low-cost MBA without compromising the quality of education or infrastructure. Likewise, Iowa State University can be a budget-friendly option if you’re looking for a STEM MBA abroad at a low cost.


And here’s a list of more  Cost-Effective MBA Programs in the USA for Indian students.


Besides, Most good b-schools in the USA offer various merit-based scholarships to deserving applicants based on their profile.



Why the USA for Indian MBA Aspirants?


  • Home to top-ranked B-schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, etc.
  • Best-in-class job offers post-MBA.
  • Easy availability of financial aid



Cheap MBA Programs in Europe



1. MBA In France



Living costs can be high in France, especially if you live closer to Paris. Still, it can be the best country to study MBA in abroad for Indian students at a low cost compared to costlier destinations. There can be a significant difference if you compare the MBA abroad fees of a top B-school in France with a B-school of similar standard in the USA.


For example, consider Stanford Business School and HEC, Paris. Both are among the top 10 business schools globally. A two-year MBA from Stanford can cost you over ₹2.5 crores. On the contrary, the 16-month-long MBA program from HEC can cost you about ₹89.5 lakhs.



Why Should Indians Choose France for MBA?


  • Home to some of the best global B-schools such as HEC, ESSEC, and INSEAD.
  • Very good employment opportunities.
  • World-class business and job opportunities.


2. MBA In Norway


If you’re looking for the cheapest country to study MBA for Indian students, consider Norway. The country is well known for its high quality of life and world-class education infrastructure.


A significant feature of Norwegian universities is they can offer extremely low-cost higher education to both domestic and international students. The tuition fee can be nominal at many Norwegian Public Universities.


Why Norway for MBA?


  • Public universities don’t charge any tuition fee, irrespective of your nationality.
  • One of the safest countries in the world.
  • Norway has one of the highest standards of living in Europe.



3. MBA In Germany



Germany is quickly becoming a popular destination for students who want to pursue a cheap MBA abroad without compromising on education quality. The country is home to some of the globally acclaimed business schools that offer affordable MBA options compared to other places.


Consider the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, an acclaimed B-school, for instance. The 12-month full-time MBA program can cost you less than ₹34 lakhs, a far less amount compared to its counterparts in other countries. Moreover, you can bring down the tuition fee further by securing various scholarships offered by the B-schools. Moreover, you can also keep your cost of living in check by adopting a suitable lifestyle and spending habits.   



Why Germany for MBA?


  • The largest economy in Europe.
  • Home to some of the biggest automotive giants like BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedez, Audi, etc.
  • Learning German is optional, not mandatory.           


4. MBA In Austria



Austria, a landlocked central European country, is home to some of the most reputed universities in Europe and is the cheapest country to study MBA for Indian students. The country has some of the cheap and best MBA colleges in the world, offering numerous specializations like electronics and business, business informatics, etc. Moreover, students get to learn German business ethics, known for planning and precision.


Additionally, most Austrian B-schools have a diverse class size comprising applicants from various countries and cultural backgrounds. So, you can expect to have an enriching learning experience and develop a global outlook while studying in Austria.



Why Austria for MBA?


  • One of the least corrupt nations in the world and has one of the lowest crime rates.
  • Located almost in the center of Europe, it enjoys a geographical advantage.
  • The country is known for its higher education system.



5. MBA In Spain



Spain has one of the largest concentrations of B-schools in Europe. With a high standard of business education and various scholarship opportunities, Spain can be a good choice to pursue MBA in abroad for Indian students at a low cost.


For example, a full-time MBA from Universidad Carlos iii de Madrid can cost you less than ₹16 lakhs, just a fraction of what you may have to pay in some of the costlier alternatives across the world.


Why Spain for MBA?


  • Home to some of the best b-schools in the world, such as IESE, EU, and ESERP.
  • The b-schools here have easier eligibility criteria.
  • Many English-taught MBA options to choose from.



6. MBA In Italy


The mere mention of Italy can bring visions of glamorous fashion shows, the Mediterranean climate, the sea, and tasty Italian cuisines. However, Italy is also known as an important hub of culture and education. The country has some of the finest B-schools in Europe. Moreover, you can find some of the cheapest MBAs in Europe for Indian students in Italy.



Why Italy for MBA?


  • 10th largest economy in the world and 3rd largest in Europe.
  • A thriving tourism and manufacturing industry.
  • A good destination for entrepreneurs and small family business owners.



7. MBA In Poland


The small and picturesque Poland is full of cultural and historical places. Famous for its natural beauty, Poland can also offer the cheapest MBA in Europe for Indian students. You can pursue an MBA in Poland for as low as ₹2.4 lakhs, which can be cheaper than the cost of pursuing an MBA in a private Indian university.



Why Study MBA in Poland?


  • Member of the European Union, Poland has a strong economy.
  • The cost of living is low compared to many other MBA destinations in Europe.
  • One of the cheapest MBA destinations in Europe.



8. MBA In Finland


Finland is an environmentally conscious nation with some of the best eco-friendly practices. The business schools in Finland are known for keeping the course curricula up to date. MBA courses in Finland stress the practical application of knowledge going beyond theory. Most B-schools in Finland have great training facilities and world-class faculty who prioritize students’ learning needs.


Finland is also a popular choice among students looking for the cheap and best MBA colleges in the world that don’t compromise on educational standards.



Why Study MBA in Finland?


  • While Finnish is the official language here, about 70-90% of the people can speak English fluently.
  • Finland ranks 2 in the Green Level rankings making it one of the best countries to live in.
  • Home to Nokia, one of the iconic mobile phone companies, Finland has a thriving electronics industry.



9. MBA In Sweden


Sweden has a highly developed economy with large and reputed multinational companies like Astra Zeneca, Sandvik, Ericson, and Volvo housing their headquarters here. Moreover, the country can offer the cheapest MBA abroad for Indian students. For instance, the cost of pursuing an MBA from the University of Gavle is about ₹8.16 lakhs. Sweden can be a good choice to pursue MBA in abroad for Indian students at a low cost.


MBA programs in Swedish universities encourage creativity and independent thinking. Students are encouraged to challenge the status quo and create innovative solutions continuously. Besides, you can mingle with students from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds.



Why Study MBA in Sweden?


  • MBA is one of the highest-paying degrees in Sweden.
  • It is ranked as one of the best countries when it comes to gender equality.
  • Ranked as one of the best destinations for higher education.


Europe is definitely one of the best MBA destinations to study the cheapest MBA in the world. Take a look at this list, where I’ve shared some of the most cost-effective MBA programs in Europe for Indian students.



Cheap MBA Programs in Oceania



1. MBA In Australia



The land of Kangaroos is also a famous B-school destination for international students. MBA from an Australian B-school has high industry acceptance. So, you can seek employment in some of the top multinational companies with an Australian MBA. Besides, proper research along with a clear objective can help you find some of the cheapest MBA programs in Australia.


For instance, an MBA from Kaplan Business School Australia can cost you less than ₹28 lakhs, a significantly low amount compared to the exorbitant tuition fees charged by some renowned institutions.



Why Study MBA in Australia?


  • Opportunity to work up to 20 hours a week during your course and unlimited hours during holidays.
  • Australia is one of the highest-paying nations in the world.
  • Thriving Indian community.


And if you’re wondering, here are the most cost-effective MBA programs in Australia for Indian students. Take a look at the list here.



Cheap MBA Programs in Asia



1. MBA In Malaysia


Malaysia has one of the world’s largest economies. Due to the relatively low living costs compared to western countries, Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries to do a low-cost MBA. It can be the best country to study MBA at a low cost compared to other costlier destinations and is also one of the most student-friendly countries in the world.


Besides, many top global universities, like Australia’s Monash University and the UK’s University of Nottingham, have campuses in Malaysia. So, you can take advantage of affordable living conditions in Malaysia to gain a degree from a UK-based or other global university.



Why Study MBA in Malaysia?


  • You can get into an MBA program even if you don’t have work experience.
  • It is a cost-friendly destination.
  • It has an easy visa-approval process.



2. MBA In Singapore


Singapore is another Asian country that has steadily gained popularity among international students. The country is home to some of the top universities in Asia. Moreover, MBA grads from Singapore routinely bag lucrative job offers with salaries higher than the country’s national average.


If you don’t want to move too far away from India, consider Singapore as one of the nearest and cheap countries to do an MBA abroad. Besides, B-schools here have very few admission requirements.



Why Study MBA in Singapore?


  • A culturally diverse country with a thriving Indian community.
  • Homes to some top b-schools such as INSEAD.
  • The country ranks high in employment opportunities post-MBA.



Cheap MBA Programs in Africa



1. MBA In South Africa


Vibrant beaches, rich cultural diversity, and abundant natural beauty are some of South Africa’s hallmarks. The country is also an adventure lover’s paradise where people can engage in various outdoor sports. The country also has some world-class universities offering quality MBA programs across the world.


You can consider many South African Business schools if you’re looking to pursue MBA abroad with low fees. For example, the total two-year MBA tuition fees of the Management College of Southern Africa for 2021-22 were R 1,22,580. That translates to roughly ₹5.6 lakhs, a throwaway price for an MBA abroad cost compared to more expensive options. Similarly, you can consider many other good MBA institutions in South Africa with affordable fee structures.


Why Study MBA in South Africa?


  • The country offers highly affordable yet very good higher education programs.
  • Top industries include mining, trade, and transport.
  • Very high employment opportunities for MBA graduates in South Africa.


Pursuing MBA abroad at a low cost can help you gain financial independence sooner as you are likely to take less amount of student loans. It can also help generate a good return on investments in your MBA degree. However, you need to research well before selecting your B-school. After that, it’s all about your efforts, determination, and hard work for a bright future.


FAQs related to Cheapest Country to Study MBA For Indian Students



1. Do I Need to Learn Local Languages While Pursuing Low-Cost MBA in a Non-English Speaking Country?



A beginner’s level proficiency in the local language can be an added advantage during your stay in a foreign land. But that’s not usually an eligibility criterion in most B-schools. For instance, you don’t need to be proficient in German to get admission into most German B-schools.


2. Are the Countries Mentioned Above the Only Option for a Low-Cost MBA?


Apart from the countries mentioned above, there can be many other cheap countries to do MBA courses, such as Denmark, Belgium, Estonia, Taiwan, etc. You can do in-depth research to explore countries as per your preferences.


3. How Hard Is It for MBA Applicants to Get Visa to Study the Cheapest MBA abroad?


The countries listed above typically have a student-friendly visa policy. Visit the official website of the immigration offices of the respective countries to know the rules in detail.


4. Can I Extend My Stay After Completing My Low-Cost MBA to Explore Job Opportunities in That Country?


Germany, Canada, and the USA can offer their MBA grads a stay-back period of 1 to two years post-MBA. Check the official B-School websites of different countries for more information on stay-back periods.

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