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Most Cost-Effective MBA Programs in Australia for Indian Students

Australia offers a great opportunity for international students. The country, with its great educational system and a quality system that ensures the very best, is a favourite with students from across the world. Like many countries, there are few courses that edge over others when it comes to popularity as well as expertise. There are many courses that call for that kind of attention when it comes to Australia, and one of the top 5 PG courses in Australia by terms of world recognition, popularity amongst international and domestic students as well as industry acceptance is Business Management.

True to its expectations, there are many Top MBA colleges in Australia that have acceptance across the world. In fact, institutes like the Melbourne Business School feature among the top MBA programs of the world and ranks number 7 in the MBA Institutes in the Asia Pacific Region. Following close on its heels are colleges like The AGSM MBA Program from the University of New South Wales at number 9 and the ANU College of Business and Economics at number 11.

However, here are a few things that you should keep in mind to get a good list of colleges in Australia for MBA!

How to shortlist B-schools in Australia


  1. Start by researching the top B-schools in Australia

MBA colleges in Australia can be searched as per your preferences like the location, fee structure, previous placements and several other things that you want to have in the college of your dreams. You can either search for them from the internet or ask your acquaintances currently living in Australia. Ask them for the best MBA colleges in Australia, or if you are looking for a specific place to like Melbourne, then search for the MBA colleges in Australia Melbourne. By doing this, you can get a precise list of colleges where you can do MBA as per your preferences.

  1. Compare the top MBA colleges in Australia with the fee structure

Next step is to compare the fee structure of the shortlisted colleges from the first step. For this, you can go through the college website, or talk to the office personally to get a personal assistant. Compare the fee and the facilities being provided by the college to get the best colleges in Australia for doing the MBA.

  1. Search for the prerequisites for the admission

Once you have chosen the college from the list of top colleges in Australia, search for the admission procedure and prerequisites that you should fulfil to get the selected to do the MBA from the college.

  1. If you have just completed your graduation then opt for the MBA colleges in Australia without work experience

One more thing that you should keep in mind is that some colleges offer admissions to only those candidates who have some experience. So, if you are a fresher and just completed your graduation, then make sure that you are looking for a college that is offering the admission without any work experience. 

By following the above-listed method, you can easily be sure of getting the best colleges in Australia for MBA.  So, just prepare yourself well, get eligible for the scholarships and take your first step towards your dream of doing MBA from a renowned university.

Budget MBA Program in Australia

However, when it comes to selecting the right colleges, often budget is a constraint which we cannot ignore. With the cost of living in Australia comparable to that of the USA, the tuition fee becomes a big point of differentiation which might urge you to look towards this country instead of the other hot destinations for MBA. We present a list of 12 rather affordable MBA Colleges in Australia which offer you a truly International MBA experience and are light on your pockets.

B-school Fee(AUD) Fee(INR)
Kaplan Business School 15,375.00 7,39,383.75
Holmes Institute 17,600.00 8,46,384.00
Charles Darwin University 20,560.00 9,88,730.40
Edith Cowan University 20,600.00 9,90,654.00
Victoria University 20,940.00 10,07,004.60
Central Queensland University 21,355.00 10,26,961.95
IIBIT 21,400.00 10,29,126.00
Federation University 21,400.00 10,29,126.00
University of Southern Queensland 21,520.00 10,34,896.80
Southern Cross University 21,904.00 10,53,363.36
University of Sunshine Coast 22,000.00 10,57,980.00
James Cook University 22,500.00 10,82,025.00

Explore these colleges, their MBA programs and find the program that would help you achieve your dreams at a cost comfortable to your pocket!

Online MBA from Australia

Apart from these budget B-schools, you can also go for online classes. Online classes are offered on a part-time basis, and usually, have a duration of 2 years. The list below shows the Universities which offer such online MBA courses.

University/College Fee
RMIT AUD 4,120 per unit X 12 Units
James Cook University AUD 3,188 per unit X 12 Units
Victoria University Online AUD 3,350 per unit X 12 Units
Southern Cross University AUD 2,590 per unit X 8-16 Units


Scholarships for MBA in Australia

If you are interested in studying MBA in Australia at a lower cost, you must apply for scholarships. Almost all colleges in Australia offer scholarship plans. Not all colleges give a full scholarship, but they certainly have scholarship deals. You can also check for scholarships in your own country. You can also search for some organizations that offer a scholarship in Australia. 

Some of the popular scholarships that are available for students who desire to study MBA in Australia are:

  • Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for SC 
  • Dr. Abdul Kalam International Undergraduate Scholarship- Engineering Honors & Information Technology
  • Deakin India 10 percent Bursary- MBA, Sports Management, International Finance & Commerce
  • Macquarie University Tuition Fee Grants for Indian Students- MBA

All of these scholarships are really useful, though they have some criteria that must be fulfilled.

Living cost & Eligibility for MBA in Australia

Apart from the tuition fee for the course, there are other requirements which one needs to fulfill. The overall expenditure including hostel and meals, transportation, other course-related and personal expenses and insurance will cost approximately AUD 20,700. (Figures can differ based on the lifestyle of an individual and place of living)

Some of the basic requirements for getting admission in a top Australian university/institution are:

  • Bachelor degree: Candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognised university.
  • IELTS: Students need to secure a good IELTS score for getting the Australian visa. Students from non-native English speaking countries need to showcase their English language proficiency to secure admission in a university.
  • Work Experience: Although it is not mandatory, having work experience of at least two-three years definitely proves to be advantageous for aspirants. Most of the universities give preference to candidates having 2-3 years of work experience in their field.
  • GMAT: Most of the Australian universities and colleges accept GMAT score for giving admission to pursue the MBA program. A good GMAT (The Graduate Management Admission Test) score is required to get into a top university to pursue MBA. However, the average GMAT score for getting admission in an Australian university is 590.

Apart from this, there are very few universities in Australia that require GMAT as they focus more on the practical (work) experience of the candidate. Australian universities demand that candidates should have maintained consistency in their academics and obtained high scores in high school as well as the bachelors level program. Eligibility criteria vary from university to university. Universities can be classified into 3 main categories depending on their admission requirements:

  • Category 1: These universities require students to have a good GMAT score, significant work experience and IELTS score as a mandatory requirement.
  • Category 2: These universities require students to either have a good GMAT score or work experience and IELTS score.
  • Category 3: In this category, universities grant admission only on the basis of a student’s academic score and IELTS score.  

Final Words

You must remember to compare all the colleges before applying. There are a few colleges that may offer education at a lower cost but the cost of living there may be high. The colleges which offer scholarships also offer them under strict conditions and at all places, your grades matter.

Few colleges in Australia also look for work experience and may also ask you to have some specifics. You may find Colleges which do not need any GMAT score but do your research thoroughly. Search for ways in which you can broaden your sources, and always remember that a guide would be your best partner in such a case. Studying in Australia can be heavy on your wallet, but it will decrease as you proceed.


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