New Zealand is a great place to study MBA for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has amazing career prospects, secondly, the population is low, so you will have plenty of room, and lastly, it’s a great place to travel to!

If you are someone who is planning an international MBA but have not yet decided on a destination, you should definitely consider some of the top B-schools in New Zealand.

They have a more relaxed application process than American or European MBA programs, and the return you will get on your investment is also amazing. In fact, studies show that the ROI of a MBA program is higher in New Zealand than in the USA or Europe!

In this article we will provide you with all the details regarding the top MBA programs in New Zealand and how you can crack them as well.

Top B-Schools for MBA in New Zealand

B-schoolProgram DurationEstimated feesAvg. Salary (USD)
Victoria University of Wellington1.5 yearsNZ$58,000$1,36,000
The University of Otago1.3 yearsNZD$57,960$1,11,600
University of Auckland1.5 yearsNZ$67,097$1,04,750
University of Waikato1.5 yearsNZ $55,000$84,250
Massey University1 yearNZ $50,430$83,600
The University of Canterbury1 yearNZ$47,250$77,200
AUT University1.5 yearsNZ$53,715$72,000

As you can see, not only is the fee structure for these schools quite reasonable, but the salary you will receive after being places is quite brilliant. This ratio alone makes it a great MBA destination for many students.

Another added factor is that many of these full-time MBA programs are not even 2 years in length. So, you will be placed into a high paying position within one and a half years, and you will have established an international career. Top hiring brands from these B-schools include the likes of Vodafone, ANZ Group, Deloitte, etc.

Many students all over the world choose campuses such as the University of Otago or the University of Auckland as a major MBA destination. If you want to know how you can get into these MBA programs, keep reading!

Requirements for MBA in New Zealand

After looking at these amazing stats you must be wondering what you need in order to crack one of the top B-schools in New Zealand? Well, you’ll be happy to know that both GMAT score and work experience requirements at these schools are well below the average in the USA or Europe!

The average GMAT score required by most of these B-schools lies in the 550 to 600 range. And this figure is not something that you always have to abide by. If your GMAT score is below 550, you can still apply to most of these schools, and if you have a strong enough application overall, you will still be selected. But regardless, try to achieve the highest possible GMAT score by re-attempting the test multiple times.

Some of these MBA programs have their own unique tests such as the aptitude test offered by AUT and the University of Otago. You can find more information about the same on the websites of these schools.

The work experience requirement is between 3 to 5 years of full time work experience. But, expect the admissions committee to view your work experience in a qualitative manner. So, if you have achieved a good professional position within your company in less than 3 years, you are still qualified to apply to the top B-schools in New Zealand. Similarly, if you have worked in a top-tier company your application will have a better chance of being selected. Or if you have worked in a small organization but gained a leadership role, it will work in your favor as well.

Having low work experience does not mean that you cannot apply to top B-schools! Watch this short video where I explain How you can get Top MBA With Low Work Experience.

Such relaxed requirements for both GMAT and work experience ensure that a huge number of international students choose these B-schools for pursuing MBA!

Other requirements include letters of recommendation and the IELTS/TOEFL score. You will also need to have completed a full-time undergraduate course in order to qualify.

Scholarships for MBA in New Zealand

There are some amazing scholarship opportunities if you are studying MBA in New Zealand. There are both scholarships from the B-schools based on need or merit, and then there are also external scholarships you can apply for. If you plan it right, then securing a top-tier MBA in New Zealand without it being a financial burden is absolutely easy!

Have a look at some of the popular MBA scholarships available in New Zealand –

B-schoolScholarship TypeAmount
University of OtagoCoursework Master’s Scholarship10,000 
Auckland University of TechnologyAUT International Excellence Scholarship7,500 
Massey UniversityMBA Awards2,000 
University of WaikatoInternational Excellence Scholarship10,000 
Education New ZealandNew Zealand Excellence Award5,000 
Aukland Institute of StudiesGOPIO West Auckland Scholarship500 
University of CanterburyAlison MacGibbon Fund300 

New Zealand is truly a wonderful place to pursue higher education and build a successful career! We wish you the best of luck if you are applying to any of these top international MBA programs!