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list of us universities accepting backlogs

List of US Universities Accepting Backlogs and Factors Affecting Acceptance With Backlogs

The USA is one of the leading destinations for people pursuing higher studies. However, many people might have incorrect notions regarding US universities’ admission process. One such belief can be related to the backlogs in your academic career. Many people may believe that having a backlog can reduce their chances of admission to a US university. 

While top US universities certainly prefer applicants having a clear academic record with no backlogs, it’s not the end of the road for students with backlogs. Many good universities accept students with backlogs depending on various factors. 


What Is a Backlog in a Study?


If an individual cannot clear an exam that is part of a degree/diploma program on the first attempt, it is known as a backlog. It may be noted here that being absent from taking the exam can be recorded as absenteeism, not backlog. So, a person unable to appear in an exam due to unavoidable circumstances like sickness, accident, etc., should check with the concerned institute or university whether they considered it a backlog or absent. 

It is vital to reappear for the subject exam in which you have a backlog and clear it successfully to get the degree/certificate from the concerned institution. 


How Backlogs Are Counted for MS in the USA?


In the USA, the backlog meaning in exams is related to the subject count. So, universities accepting backlogs in the USA for admission to MS programs typically consider the number of failed subjects as an applicant’s backlog. However, they usually don’t consider the number of attempts taken to clear the backlog subjects.


List of US Universities Accepting Backlogs


Surprisingly, a significant number of universities accept backlogs in the USA. We have grouped these universities into three categories based on the number of backlogs they allow. 


Up to 5 Backlogs


  1. Clarkson University, New York
  2. Gannon University, Pennsylvania
  3. Kent State University, Ohio
  4. Marist College, New York
  5. Wichita State University, Kansas
  6. Wright State University, Ohio


5 to 10 Backlogs


  1. California State University, San Bernardino
  2. Clark University, Massachusetts
  3. Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
  4. Missouri State University, Springfield
  5. New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury
  6. Pace University, New York
  7. University of South Dakota, Vermillion


10 to 15 Backlogs


  1. Golden Gate University, California
  2. Old Dominion University, Virginia
  3. Pittsburg State University, Kansas
  4. Rowan University, New Jersey


Factors Affecting Backlog Acceptance in US Universities



Current Status of Backlogs


Most US universities accepting backlogs check the present status of backlogs. So, you must clear all your backlogs before applying to a university and submit a backlog certificate.


Backlog Certificate


A backlog certificate contains all the details regarding the backlog, such as the number of backlogs, the number of attempts made to clear backlogs, etc. Your college might not provide you with a backlog certificate if you don’t have any backlogs. 

However, universities overseas may ask for a certificate to ensure you don’t have any pending backlog. So, if you do not have any backlogs, you should request your university or institution to provide a zero backlog certificate. 


Overall GPA/CGPA


A good GPA suggests good academic performance. Therefore, aim to secure a good GPA in the backlog subjects and an overall good CGPA. This can maximize your chances of admission to the list of US universities accepting backlogs.


Backlog Subjects/Courses


If you have a backlog in a subject not directly related to the program you’re about to pursue, the universities accepting backlogs in the USA may overlook the backlog. For instance, if you’re applying for MS in Computer Science, a backlog in a course unrelated to computer science might not affect your admission chances. 

However, the application can get rejected if the backlog subjects are related to the present course or program.


Time Taken to Clear All Backlogs


If you have cleared your backlogs in a single or very few repeated attempts, chances can be high for you to get accepted into the concerned program. On the other hand, multiple attempts to clear a backlog or repetitive backlogs may not sit well with the admission committee. 


It’s Not About Backlogs Alone


The admission committees in most universities abroad typically prefer students with an overall pleasing personality. So, they will likely go beyond your academic achievements and focus on your extra-curricular activities, work experience, projects, etc. So, use this aspect of their admission process to lower the impact of your backlogs.

Therefore, even if you have an entirely non-related achievement, put it in your resume. For example, sports achievements, social work activities, or any other fact or information that may reflect positively on your personality should be properly highlighted in your resume.

In a nutshell, a backlog should not be a deterrent to your dreams of pursuing higher studies abroad. With proper planning, awareness, and good grades, you can reduce the impact of a backlog and pursue the desired course from abroad. 


FAQs related to List of US Universities Accepting Backlogs



1. How Many Backlogs Are Allowed for MS in the USA?


Most US universities allow 5 backlogs. However, many universities allow up to 15 backlogs, arguably the maximum number. The same goes true for MS programs.


2. Do Backlogs Affect MS in the US?


Backlogs shouldn’t affect your MS plans in the US if you’ve already cleared them. However, there is a whole list of US universities accepting backlogs mentioned above. 


3. How to Calculate Backlogs?


The logic for calculating backlogs can differ from one country to another. For example, Australian universities calculate backlogs based on the number of attempts. So, if you cleared one backlog subject in 2 attempts, they would consider your number of backlogs to be 2. 

On the other hand, if you apply to a university in the US, they would count the number of subjects pending to be cleared as backlogs. So, if you cleared one backlog subject in 2 or many more attempts, they would still consider it as 1 backlog. 


4. Can a Backlog Affect the Chances of Procuring a Study Visa?


One of the key factors affecting the grant of a Visa is to secure academic admission into a university abroad. Once you secure admission, backlogs shouldn’t matter while applying for the visa. So, you should rather focus on making your university application and resume strong. 


5. Where to Declare Backlogs in My Application?


Details regarding your backlogs are to be given in your backlog certificate, which is a part of the academic transcript in the application process. Check the concerned university’s website for more details.


6. Can I Apply for Admission to Overseas Institutions With a Pending Backlog?


Students with active backlogs can’t apply for admission to universities abroad. You must clear all your backlogs first before applying to an overseas program.

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