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Everything You Need To Know About MBA DUAL Degree

Dual degrees, aka double degrees or joint degrees, are a streamlined method of studying two different but interconnected courses. Getting a dual degree means your overall educational cost and time is likely to increase, but at the end of the day it is still a much cheaper and easier option than studying two courses, one after the other!

There are many other benefits to getting a dual degree. For example, you may be able to skip on certain electives of your choice and replace them with interdisciplinary curriculums. Dual degrees also have lower credit requirements than two individual degrees combined. Dual degrees can be availed by both graduate level students as well as at the post-graduate level. But, it is among the MBA applicants that the dual degree has become a steady favorite.

Be it law, healthcare, MS, etc., MBA applicants are preferring to gain practical knowledge in a particular industry along with their business management skills. Do you think you are cut for a MBA Dual Degree? Read on to find out about benefits, best MBA dual degrees, and more!

Benefits of MBA Dual Degree

Professionally speaking, getting a dual degree with an MBA combo is one of the best things one can do! If you are truly able to combine your management skills with in-depth training in a particular field, you will open yourself up to a host of great career options. But, that’s not all. Your growth potential will also be much higher with a dual degree than a regular MBA.

There are further benefits to a dual degree –

  • If you are aiming for a management position in a specific industry, a dual degree will help you get there faster than a regular MBA.
  • Getting a dual degree can reduce the amount of competition depending on the industry you are targeting.
  • Getting a dual degree provides a versatile skillset and allows you to achieve more than your peers who hold a singular MBA degree.
  • A dual degree also enables further learning options that the regular MBA degree does not provide.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a dual degree is not meant for everyone. These are usually taken up by professionals who are quite sure of the industry they want to be placed in, and most likely have had a certain amount of experience in said industry. Additionally, getting a dual degree can limit your chances of getting placed in other industries. So, if you are planning to apply for a MBA dual degree make sure that you are clear about your professional goals!

Most Popular MBA Dual Degrees

There are a number of popular MBA dual degrees that you can consider to achieve a better professional career. These joint courses help in terms of both professional goals and educational advancement.

Let’s take a look at some of them!

MS & MBA Dual Degree

This is one of the most popular options due to the wide range of concentrations that one can take up within both the MS and the MBA sphere. Getting a dual degree with MS as one of your specializations opens up the door to engineering, journalism, environmental services, and a lot more. And when this is added to the business training aspect of your skill development, it turns out to be a wholesome, industry specialized mode of learning.

If you have decided on the industry where you want to pursue your career, then a MS & MBA dual degree will ensure that your management position is fast tracked! But, one thing to keep in mind here is that applicants for such a degree are most likely required to hold a bachelor’s level degree on the MS subject of their choice.

If you are in a senior position and applying for this degree you can delve on research heavy aspects of the curriculum. Your final year will consist of various interdisciplinary courses that will leave you management ready as soon as you complete.

Some of the popular concentrations in a MS & MBA dual degree include Global Public Health, Technology and Operations Management, Tech Entrepreneurship, etc.

Some of the top professions for those applying to MS & MBA dual degree include architectural manager, information system manager, natural sciences manager, etc. The average salary range for these positions varies between $130,000 – $145,000.

MPH & MBA Dual Degree

Public health management is one of the most bustling industries in current times and there is no better way to make a solid career in this sector than a dual degree consisting of MPH and MBA courses. A lot of students think that the Masters of Public Health course itself provides management training. And while this is true, this training is nowhere close to the depth of the training provided as a part of a dual degree with MBA.

There are also further benefits of taking up a joint MBA and MPH course since such a course will cover healthcare management, healthcare finance, human resources, etc. along with the regular MBA skills. With this holistic knowledge one can easily bag a high-end job at one of the top healthcare agencies or in the wellness department of an organization.

Some other potential career options can also include project and policy management, analytics, medical service managers, etc. The average salary for such a position will range anywhere from $70,000 – $100,000.

Keep in mind that while these courses are often shorter, they do come with increased workload!

Psychology and MBA Dual Degree

This is one of the most recent popular dual degrees, and for a variety of reasons. Firstly, psychological clinics have increased in number, and therefore management positions are now open for grabs. And the best manager of a psychology clinic is one who holds knowledge of both business management and psychology.

Secondly, the power of psychology helps understand markets and the customer mindset. So, psychology is fast becoming a very effective field of study for a lot of entrepreneurial individuals, and with this dual degree you will not only be achieving the psychological skills to assess a market but you will also learn how to guide your business to success in said market!

However, this is not always an easy degree to complete. While you may not need any prior educational qualifications in psychology in order to apply for this joint program, Extensive study in the field of psychology can take upwards of 3 years to complete, and many applicants also prefer to pursue a PhD course in psychology soon afterwards. Furthermore, there are less overlapping lessons in this course, so you will be required to completely stand in two different shoes to complete this dual degree.

Certain specializations within this dual degree that do overlap and are quite popular include training and development, psychometrics, and organizational psychology. Any of these skills will place you in a great position as a marketing or sales manager with an average salary of $70,000 – $100,000.

How to Choose the Perfect MBA Dual Degree

There are a lot of factors to consider when a dual degree is in question!

One of the first aspects to consider is the accreditation of the course. Ideally, a MBA dual degree should have both regional and program specific recognition. The former is an accreditation that applies to the institution while the latter is course specific. Accreditation matters because it is proof that the institution provides holistic education and it also expands the scope of financial aid, placement opportunities, etc.

A lot of top dual degree programs can also be availed online. While these programs are definitely more flexible and better suited for professionals, on-campus programs offer more interaction with peers and access to student clubs. Both offline and online MBA dual degrees are widely varied. So, make sure to research well about the particulars of the course before applying.

Lastly, consider your future goals. While an MBA dual degree is a great means of reaching the management position, you also need to be absolutely sure about your future goals before you apply. Make sure that the program you choose aptly ties into your goals; and if you are applying for a dual degree program that features a completely new concentration apart from the MBA, make sure you are ready to take on the coursework ahead!

Here is a video that will help you identify your long term and short term post-MBA goals!

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